6 Best Shower Caddies For Your Bathroom

Your morning shower is a multistep event. Without even realizing it, most of us have a created a successful shower routine that requires very little thinking. Keeping your shower items organized and within reach with a shower caddy makes your time in the shower efficient and effortless. We’ve rounded up the 10 best shower caddies for your bathroom to keep your shower tidy and organized with a solution for every style of shower and bathroom. We love the hanging shower head organizer by Simple Housewares the best.

Simple Houseware Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer

Best Value

  • No installation required

  • Two wire shelves and two hooks allow for lots of storage

  • Suction cups prevent the caddy from swinging

KINCMAXZ Shower Caddy Basket Shelf

Best contemporary look

  • Easy to install directly to your shower wall with a powerful adhesive strip

  • Movable hooks

  • Large storage capacity (great for shared shower space)

Trustlife Bathrom Shower Corner Caddy

Best use of space

  • Adhesive stickers are guaranteed to last for five years, and two additional stickers are included

  • Bath products stay clean and dry with maximum ventilation and drainage

SONGMICS Constant Tension Shower Caddy

Best for multiple users

  • Four trays, three hooks, and a towel hanging bar

  • Tray heights are adjustable

FANHAO Shower Caddy Basket with Hooks

Best versatility

  • Unique staircase design

  • Moveable hooks

  • Holds up to 15 lbs

Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy

Best adjustability

  • Designed specifically for handheld shower hoses

  • Four baskets slide outwards and allow for tall bottles

  • Built in razor holders and hooks for storage

How to choose the best shower caddy?

First things first. What kind of shower do you have? An over the shower head caddy works best for a small shower space. If you have a shower within a bathtub, we recommend a corner unit either with suction cups for easy installation. The best option for a shared shower space with multiple family members is a unit with four shelves that are adjustable in height.

Aren’t all shower caddies the same?

It’s important to consider who is using this caddy. Adults will have no problem reaching items in a unit that goes over the shower head, or a shelf attached to the wall. Children will need a unit that has shelves at a suitable height like the SONGMICS Constant Tension Shower Caddy or their own shelf attached to the wall at the appropriate height.

Do I really need a shower caddy?

If the product line-up in your shower exceeds four items, then yes, you need a shower caddy. Water can accumulate under your bottles. A shower caddy allows for drainage and ventilation. Many offer hooks for bath accessories and holder for razors which helps extend the lifespan of your blade.

Does a shower caddy interfere with cleaning?

Most of the shower caddies we reviewed are removable. Over the shower head caddies allow for the easiest removal for cleaning.

What is the lifespan of a shower caddy?

With proper care and cleaning, a shower caddy should last for several years. Many of the units we reviewed, like the Trustlife Bathroom Shower Corner Caddy, come with adhesive or suction cups with a five year guarantee and include additional adhesive or suction cups for extended use.

Do I need to worry about rust?

We’ve taken careful consideration to highlight shower caddies for your bathroom designed with materials that will not rust. Always look for a unit made with chrome, stainless-steel, or satin nickel.

How do I know where to place my shower caddy?

Corner units and over the shower head caddies are designed to be placed out of the direct spray of the shower. When placing a shelf with suction cups or an adhesive sticker, it’s important to consider where your showerhead is pointing. Avoid placement in the direct stream of water. This will also ensure the unit stays attached to the wall.

Will my shower hose get in the way?

Shower caddy design has evolved to enhance contemporary shower head design. This includes units that work with a shower hose, like the Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy. The baskets extend to accommodate any size of shower hose.

The Winner Is

The simplicity and value of the Simple Houseware Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer makes it a clear winner.


The ease of removal to clean the shower and the ample storage space, including hooks and razor holders, satisfies all of our shower caddy needs. If the storage capacity of this unit does not feel like enough, our second choice is the SONGMICS Constant Tension Shower Caddy which provides shelving for multiple products and users.


The bathroom should be a place of calm and keeping your bath products organized is the easiest way to create a peaceful space.

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