Are Cold Showers Healthy? (7 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages)

You often see people jumping into icy cold lakes and wonder if they are crazy. Of course, who in their right mind would want to freeze to death when there’s an option to stay warm and cozy?  There are many people, like me, who avoid taking cold showers because it is extremely uncomfortable.

I have never been a fan of cold showers until I found out how super beneficial they can be. I know it may sound bizarre to you, but trust me many studies have proven that cold showers are incredibly healthy. If it is hard to believe, read the given advantages and disadvantage of cold showers to find out what you have been missing out by dreading cold water.

Advantages of Cold Showers

Cold Showers Boost Mood and Increase Alertness

Have you ever got jealous of your office-mate because she always looks perky every day? Well, maybe she takes a cold shower every morning. You probably don’t like the shock you feel when your body comes in contact with cold water, but actually, it’s very helpful in improving your heart rate and increasing oxygen intake.

At the moment your body feels a cold shock, there’s a rush of instant energy that makes the body more alert and active.

Reduces Depression

Many studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of a cold shower when it comes to relieving depression. Cold showers leave an intense effect in stimulating cold receptors in your skin.

These receptors send strong signals through electrical impulses to your brain. This whole condition is what produces a powerful anti-depressive effect and alleviates your mood.

So the next time you are feeling down and depressed, try a cold shower!

Improves Blood Circulation

It is another interesting fact that cold shower may help you improve blood circulation. There is no denying that proper blood circulation plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health. Plus, if your blood circulation is healthy, it speeds up your recovery time from rigorous workouts and strenuous exercises.

A number of health professionals suggest that alternating cold and hot water while taking a shower is a great way to improve your blood circulation. Cold water speeds up blood circulation to the vital organs of your body; however, warm water has a different effect. It causes blood to move to the surface of the skin.

In short, stimulating your blood circulatory system this way can keep you younger and healthier.

Strengthens Immunity

According to a study by the Thrombosis Research Institute, people who take a cold shower daily have a better defense mechanism due to the greater number of white blood cells than those who take a hot shower.

Researchers found that cold showers increase metabolic rate when the body attempts to warm itself. As a result, the immune system is activated and releases more WBCs in response.

Increases Testosterone Levels

The same study from the Thrombosis Research Institute showed that cold shower increases testosterone production in males. Increased testosterone boosts libido in men while improving overall energy levels and strength.

Keeps Hair and Skin Healthy

Hot showers can be one of the reasons for dry, damaged and brittle hair. If you expose your tresses to hot water, it may suck moisture, leaving them dry. Not only this, but a hot shower can dry up your skin also and may cause ashy elbows and irritating itch.

Cold showers, on the other hand, may help you maintain shinier and healthier mane as it closes up the pores and cuticles.

Increases Energy

There isn’t a doubt that every time I take a cold shower, I feel immensely energized and invigorated. There is a science behind it. When you take a cold shower, it increases your heartbeat, stimulating a rush of blood throughout your body. This is what shakes off dullness, fatigue, and lethargy while freshening up your mind.

Disadvantages of Cold Showers

Since you’ve discovered why cold showers are healthy and promote well-being. Let’s quickly go through the flip side of the coin.

A Cold Shower isn’t Ideal If you’re Sick

Everything can’t be good for everyone. This can’t be truer when it comes to taking a cold shower. To put it simply, if you’re not well or suffering from any medical condition, a cold shower is not ideal for you.

It may exacerbate your condition if you have flu, fever or chest congestion. Regardless of your mild or moderate illness, cold showers aren’t recommended by doctors in certain conditions.

Not Effective for Every Individual

Despite all the advantages of cold showers, they are not necessarily considered beneficial for everyone. That means if you have muscular pain, taking a cold shower might not relieve your pain, but it may increase it. In such conditions, a warm bath can be more effective and helpful.

If your body is not able to cope up with cold water, it is better to begin with warm water and gradually decrease the temperature until you feel comfortable. The tip is specifically effective if you’re suffering from muscle soreness.

It is always better to consult your doctor or a medical specialist to discuss your condition. 

Cold Shower Won’t Have Long -Term Fat Burning Effects

A lot of studies have shown that cold showers may not have long term effects on weight loss. Plus, the fat burning effects of a cold shower are not the same on everyone and may not help you lose weight.

It is important to understand that when it is about weight loss regime, there are a plethora of factors that you should consider. From your metabolism, age, and diet to the type of workout you do, everything matters.

Final Thoughts

To some extent, cold showers can literally do wonders when it comes to reducing depression, relaxing the mind, boosting mood and revitalizing energy. From improving your blood circulation to enhancing skin and hair, cold showers have plenty of benefits. But they are not good for everyone, especially if you have a medical condition.

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