Benefits of a Dual Shower Head – Our Recommendations

A dual shower head is a shower head that provides two separate water streams. This can be either as two shower heads mounted on the wall, or one wall-mounted shower head with the other handheld.


There are a number of benefits to having a dual shower head. With more shower spray overall, you’ll get better water coverage than with a traditional single shower head. You’ll also be able to not only  adjust the spray settings to be different, but complementary. For example, you could have one shower head on a more intense, massage setting and the other as a regular shower stream.

If you want to mix things up a little, you could even have each shower head producing water of a different temperature. Lastly, if you’re in a couple, you could share a shower as a romantic activity or simply use it so that you can both shower at once on those busy mornings!


Now that you know the benefits of a dual shower head, we’ll share some of our recommendations for the best one to buy.

With a wall-mounted shower head and a separate handheld wand that are both 7 inches in diameter, you’ll be able to have the rainfall/waterfall shower experience from both of your shower heads with this option.


You can also choose whether to have both heads running or just one of them at a time, and it’s easy to switch between these options using a simple click-lever dial.


The thing that really stands out about this dual shower head, though, is its versatility. For each shower head, you can choose from 6 different spray settings – power rain, rain massage, rain mist, power mist, pulsating massage, and water-saving mode. This means that you‘ll be able to customize your shower experience and water pressure to be exactly what you’re looking for. Made from durable materials and easy to clean, this is the best all-round option for a dual shower head.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System

If you’re looking for a high-pressure shower head that is still economical in terms of water usage, then this Ana Bath dual shower head could be the right choice for you. It has a lower flow rate than most dual shower heads at 2.31 gallons per minute, without the water pressure being noticeably affected.


This shower head’s anti-clog nozzles mean that you can easily remove lime and mineral deposits by rubbing the nozzles a couple of times while the shower head is running – no scrubbing or specialized cleaners needed. The diverter that the two shower heads are attached to (which allows you to switch the heads on/off individually) is longer and wider than with most other options, creating a neater, sleeker look because the heads aren’t crowded together.


With this dual shower head, you’ll have a choice of 5 spray settings that you can apply to either head – rain spray, massage spray, massage & rain mix, bubbling spray, and bubbling & rain combo. The 60-inch stainless steel hose is also durable and allows you to move around the shower as you wish.

For a luxury, spa-like experience, you can’t go wrong with this HotelSpa dual shower head. At 6 inches, the shower heads are large, and you can choose from 6 spray settings for each one – power rain, pulsating massage, hydrating mist, rain/massage, rain/mist, and water-saving economy rain.



A special feature of the main shower head is its SpiralFlo design, which allows the water flow to feel more like natural rainfall. Like the other shower heads on this list, it’s easy to clean and simple to install. Some customers have complained that the shower head snaps off a few days after purchase, but in case this happens, there’s a limited lifetime warranty to keep you covered.

The AquaStorm by HotelSpa is extremely versatile in terms of water patterns – with a total of 30 different combinations for you to pick from. You can choose whether to use just the overhead shower, just the handheld, or both together.

And for each shower head, you have a choice of 6 spray settings – power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, rain mist, and water-saving economy mode. It also comes with the same SpiralFlo design on the main shower head as the other HotelSpa option on this list, giving you that authentic rainfall feeling.


This shower head has been rigorously tested by a team of US experts to ensure it meets quality and performance standards. The installation process for this shower head is also claimed to be as smooth as possible, with no tools needed.

Dual shower heads are generally all about luxury, but how about if you want to inject a little fun into your shower experience? The Luminex by PowerSpa comes with LED lights that are powered by the running water – these lights cycle through 7 different colors, changing every few seconds. If you want your shower to feel like a party, then this could be the dual shower head for you.


It’s worth noting though that these lights cannot be switched off, so you won’t be able to have a light-free shower if you want one.


Lights aside, this is still a viable option for a dual shower, with four settings – rain, massage, rain with massage, and water-saving pause mode. It also comes with AirJet technology, which adds oxygen to the water, increasing the pressure without using any more water.

Coming with seven spray settings, plus the ability to switch the shower heads on/off, this has to be the most flexible dual shower head out there. You’ll be able to choose from power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, eco rain, rain mist, rain massage, and water-saving pause.


Similar to the AquaDance 3328, the DreamSpa 1432 comes with a 7-inch main shower head for that fully immersive rainfall/waterfall experience. It’s also easy to install and will fit any shower arm of standard size.


If you want an extra luxurious and versatile shower, then a dual shower head could be the shower head for you. Here we’ve summarized some of the best options to help you make your choice.

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