Best Hookless Shower Curtain Liner Reviews

1. Hookless RBH40BBS01 Snap-In Shower Curtain Liner

As far as simple designs go, this is one of the most basic you’ll encounter. Its beauty is in part due to its simplicity. The design blends into any modern bathroom and doesn’t require additional redecorating, making it a cheap and fashionable solution to moisture leaks.


The shower curtain liner is 70” wide and 54” tall. It should fit most bathtub showers well enough as it’s designed to work with 71”x74” shower curtains. The liner is fully machine washable (warm water setting), which makes maintenance very easy.

The hookless design comes in handy when installing it or removing it for cleaning. The liner features snap-in Flex-On rings, which are patented by Hookless. Just snap the rings directly onto a Hookless shower curtain.

You might know that Hookless came up with the original hookless shower curtains. They’re not made by many other brands. This is true for the matching shower curtain liner as well.

What’s also nice about this liner is that it allows plenty of light in. Of course, this would be totally dependent on your shower curtain. Also, due to its 54” height, when attached to the shower curtain it allows the formation of a window.

As far as the waterproofing goes, the material is quite solid and does a great job of protecting the middle and bottom parts of the curtain from excess mildew buildup.


  • Shower curtain and liner combo
  • Flex-on rings
  • Snap-in liner attachment
  • Bright white color
  • Available in PEVA


  • May not be compatible with other curtains
  • PEVA liner is pricier

2. YQN Hookless Shower Curtain Liner with Snaps

Another nice alternative comes courtesy of YQN. If you’re in the market for a nice liner replacement, and more importantly one that fits most hookless shower curtains, this one is definitely worth checking out.


This shower curtain liner is essentially the generic version of Hookless snap-in liners. Like generic drugs, it is bound to be cheaper and YQN also makes shower curtains that work with this snap-in liner. For all the rebels out there, there’s nothing to stop you from using a YQN shower curtain with snaps in combination with an original Hookless snap-in shower curtain liner.

The YQN liner is 70.8” wide and 53.5” tall. It’s enough to protect most of the shower curtain, although not in its entirety.

The material used is standard polyester which you can find on most shower curtains and shower curtain liners. The color of choice is white, as is the case with most liners. This is so as to not take anything away from the curtain itself.

The waterproofing is spot on. The polyester will protect your shower curtain from excess mildew buildup for a long time. As mentioned above, the YQN is available at a competitive price.


  • Snap-in system
  • Simple design
  • Round plastic snaps
  • Affordable


  • PEVA not available
  • Standalone liner

3. RiverDream Snap-In PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

If you want to be both fancy and green, then perhaps this PEVA curtain liner is better suited for your bathroom. It’s not the only PEVA liner on the market but it is one of the more affordable, which is why it’s worth a closer look.


This curtain liner is designed to fit hookless shower curtains that feature windows. It’s 70” wide and 54” tall, which is pretty much the standard for bathtub shower curtains and liners. But, there are a few key differences that separate it from the rest of the liners on the market.

The material of choice is PEVA. Anyone that’s dabbled with going green at one point or another should know that PEVA is used as a replacement for PVC due to its less-toxic nature and overall eco-friendly allure.

The attachment mechanism features 12 magnets instead of the Hookless-style plastic snaps. It’s perhaps not as efficient in the long run, and not very practical when it’s time to wash the liner, but it falls in line with the eco-friendly theme.

And speaking of washing, it is recommended that you use non-chlorine bleach to clean it. You can also get this design in a polyester fabric that also uses magnets. However, the PEVA model is slightly cheaper.

The thickness of the material makes the liner reliable and waterproof. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to allow as much light in as Hookless shower curtains and their clones.


  • Simple design
  • Magnet snaps
  • Non-toxic PEVA material
  • Eco-friendly


  • Doesn’t allow much light in

Final Verdict

Whether you need a replacement liner or you’re adding a liner for the first time, the best hookless shower curtain liner is, surprise! – the Hookless RBH40BBS01.

It is a solid bright white snap-in curtain liner designed for use with a 71”X74” Hookless shower curtain (generic brands will work too). The installation is a snap (no pun intended).

If you want to let more light in, the best thing to do would be to not use a liner at all! But if you want a set of bright curtain and liner, get the Hookless combo.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, RiverDream offers a simple curtain liner replacement that uses PEVA instead of the traditional polyester. The standard size should make the installation and maintenance easy, and if you’re a fan of magnet snaps, the manufacturer has that covered.

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