Best Shower Curtain Rod for Tile Reviews

Often neglected, the shower curtain rod is in fact an essential element in the bathroom. Ideally, it should fit your bathroom’s theme and be strong enough to support a shower curtain and liner.

To pick the right one, you should check the build quality, available colors, and how easy it is to install and remove. Let’s take a look at the candidates for the best shower curtain rod for tile.

AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod

If you’re looking for a spring-loaded shower curtain rod that’s easy to install, you should take a look at the AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod.


The AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod is made for tiled bathrooms. The rod measures 2-1/2” in diameter and the end pieces are ½” wider. The metal rod features rubber pads at both ends to protect your bathroom tiles.

This rod is available in several colors, including black, white, chrome, bronze, and nickel. This makes it easy to combine with both modern and vintage bathrooms and curtains. Also, the rod is available in four sizes – 24-36”, 36-54”, 54-90”, and 78-108” – so you’re bound to find the right one for your bathroom.

As the name suggests, the Tension Curtain Rod doesn’t require any tools to install. Just measure the distance between the walls and make sure you pick the right size.

To extend the rod, twist the right side towards you and the left side away from you. The spring inside will expand and hold the ends in place. To contract it, just twist the right side away from you while twisting the left side towards you.

Aside from the shower, you can also use this versatile rod for doorways, bunk beds, and any other place where you’d like to hang a curtain without drilling holes. The package doesn’t include any accessories or extras.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Fits everywhere
  • ​Easy to install and adjust


  • The spring might be a bit noisy

Moen DN2141 Double Curved Shower Rod

If you’ve decided on a curtain and a liner, you will either need two curtain rods or install both the liner and the curtain on the same rings and share the same rod. Alternatively, you can go for a double rod combo, which is where the Moen DN2141 comes in.


The Moen DN2141 is a double shower curtain rod for holding a liner and a shower curtain. Size-wise, the rod fits bathtubs that are about 60” long. It’s designed to work with standard 72” x 72” curtains and liners.

This Moen curtain rod is curved at an arc that extends up to 10.2” outward. This would give you more elbow room in the shower but it’d be harder to keep the curtain and liner in the bathtub. The rods are sleek and smooth for curtain rings to glide seamlessly.

To install, you’ll need to drill holes in the wall. This is the way to go anyway if you value sturdiness and stability. Once installed, it stays in place and can withstand the heaviest fabric curtains without breaking a sweat. The ends are equipped with decorative caps to conceal the mounting hardware and maintain the rod’s aesthetic appeal.

Moen offers this rod in three finishes – old world bronze, chrome, and brushed nickel. All three should work with both modern and classic bathroom décor and any curtains and liners. The package includes the shower rod, drywall screws, and the installation manual. You’ll need your own drill or screwdriver.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Classic elegant design
  • Double rods
  • ​Curved


  • Handyman skills required to install

Casa Pura Tension Shower Rod

If you’re in the market for a simple and inexpensive tension rod, make sure to check out the Casa Pura Tension Shower Rod. Like all tension rods, it’s a breeze to install and won’t damage the wall.


The Casa Pura Tension Shower Rod has a straightforward construction with non-obtrusive styling. This makes it a great choice for all styles of bathrooms. The aluminum shower curtain rod is equipped with rubber feet at the ends and an internal metal spring. If you’d like to use a liner along with the curtain, you’ll have to install both on the same rings or get another rod.

This rod is available in four sizes to fit any bathrooms. 22-35”, 28-48”, 41-70”, and 55-98”. The available colors are chrome and white. This makes the Casa Pura suitable for almost any bathroom, be it vintage or modern.

The Casa Pura shower rod is easy to install. Twist the right side of the rod towards you until it is an inch or two longer than the distance between the walls. Then, push the end in some and slowly release once you position the rod. The rubber feet will secure the shower curtain rod to the wall.

Aside from the ease of installation, this rod is also easy to remove. Just reverse the steps above and you can safely remove your curtain rod in no time. Besides the bathtub, you can use this rod in a walk-in closet or as a regular curtain rod for recessed windows. If you’re from a culture that uses curtains in lieu of bedroom doors, the Casa Pura will work as well.


  • Inexpensive
  • Instant install
  • Multiple colors
  • ​As wide as 98” and as narrow as 22”


  • ​Could be a bit sturdier

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the Moen is perhaps the best shower curtain rod for tile. The double curved rods are perfect for a shower curtain with a liner, which is the way to go for the ultimate shower experience. It is sturdy and elegant to boot.

If you’re looking to avoid drilling, the AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod and Casa Pura Tension Shower Rod are your best bets. The former is a spring-loaded shower rod with discreet styling, excellent durability, and sturdy rubber feet. On the other hand, the Casa Pura is easy to install and remove and available in a range of sizes and colors.

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