Best Shower Door Reviews

Nothing lasts forever and if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, it might be worth upgrading your bathroom. Getting the best shower doors for your money can upscale any bathroom. It can also help to prevent unnecessary splash damage or leaks, as well as making the showering experience more liberating as opposed to confining.

Many people underestimate how big of a difference something as small as getting new shower doors can make to a bathroom. With the right type of glass, the right finish, and the right pattern, one simple change can make a previously dull bathroom bright, open, and modern.

Check out the following shower door systems (for stand-up showers) to find out what features are worth paying extra for and which shower doors might work best in your home.

DreamLine Enigma-X


This is a 56-60” model with a walk-in opening. It has a fancy finish yet not at all ostentatious. If you’re looking for something with a sliding door which you can easily flip prior to the installation, the Enigma-X shower doors might be for you.


The smooth sliding door action is facilitated by the double-wheel assembly. Depending on your preference, you can choose to install the system with a left or right entry. However, due to the scale of the doors and the complex mechanism, professional installation might be required.

The glass is high-quality. Each door is made from 3/8” clear tempered glass. The extra thickness costs a premium but has so much to give in the long run.

Tempered glass is not used mainly as a highly durable option but also because of its built-in safety feature. Clear glass is the optimal choice for spacious bathrooms as it invites light in and fits most modern tiling.

In case these doors break, the glass shards will be rounded and less likely to cut. Although the frame can be adjusted between 56 and 60 inches, it won’t sit well on uneven walls.

DreamLine also uses a proprietary coating that prevents limescale buildup and steaming up when taking hot showers. The maintenance also becomes less time-consuming.

A minor downside is that the doors don’t come with a shower base. If you’re redoing your bathroom from scratch, then you have to purchase the SlimLine shower base separately.



Delta Shower Doors SD3172331 Trinsic Semi-Frameless Traditional Sliding Shower Door


This semi-frameless design features sliding shower doors that are ideal even for uneven walls. It features quality craftsmanship, room for adjustments, and a competitive price.


The door system is 60” X 71”. It should fit most walk-in showers with an opening of 50 to 58.5 inches wide and 71 inches tall. Although it’s a semi-frameless design, you can’t really do much with height adjustments.

The glass used is 1/4″ tempered glass. Due to its thin nature, extra framing and support is required, hence the semi-frameless construction. That being said, the glass is fairly durable. The transition pattern on the glass gives the doors style and the user some privacy. 

While the ends are clear, there are multiple horizontal frosted stripes in the middle. If you share a bathroom with someone, this is the type of door that might keep things less awkward. On the interior, the door handles can be used as towel hangers. The handles are strong and protruded enough to be used as hangers. They also provide a firm grip even if for wet or soapy hands.

The applied coating does a good job of preventing water spots and hard water stains or limescale buildup. Although the installation is not the easiest, there are detailed instruction videos available which should help guide you through the process.



Sunny Shower B020-6072CB

Sunny Shower B020-6072CB

If you want to redo your bathroom but you’re worried about spending too much on cool shower doors, Sunny Shower might have a solution. These frameless sliding doors are affordable and fit most 60” shower bases.


The main highlight of these doors is the reversible installation. It gives you the much-needed freedom when redecorating your bathroom.

The glass is 1/4″ tempered glass. It has decent durability but nothing over the top – not as high-end as laminated glass or thicker tempered glasses.

The doors are 72” tall and the track bar can be adjusted between 56 and 60 inches, which is pretty much the industry standard. The brushed nickel finish gives the doors a bit of elegance as well as durability.

If you’re not a fan of patterns, you should appreciate the clear glass door design. The coating is a different story though. It will help prevent most hard water spots, but it won’t keep the glass see-through during hot showers.

Still, this shouldn’t necessarily be a make or break feature. At least not for most people.

What’s also worth noting is that Sunny Shower offers these glass doors in more than one size. There are even smaller choices if you have to go with a smaller stand-up shower for whatever reason – to make room for a tub, for example.




The DreamLine Enigma-X may be pricey but the doors sure look like the best shower doors on the market. The thick tempered glass ensures safety and the double-wheel assembly the smoothest sliding action.

The frame-less design is very stylish and can also be installed for a reverse entry. Width adjustments are also possible. The extra height looks amazing in spacious bathrooms and also serves as extra splash protection.

If you’re looking for the best at a limited budget, just look at the shower doors from Sunny Shower which offer many similar features to the Enigma-X. You’ll still get your versatility and adjustments if you don’t mind the thinner and shorter glass doors.

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