Best Shower Faucets Reviews

The right shower faucet set can make or break a bathroom décor and your enjoyment when showering. Every little detail matters if you want good water pressure, reliable temperature control, durable fixtures, and so on. It goes without saying that aiming for anything short of the best shower faucets is not a good idea.

So, how do you pick the best? You start by looking at complete shower faucet systems. You can always mix and match different fixtures but getting a complete system from one manufacturer ensures that everything matches and fits into place.

You can choose to go for the traditional look or for something edgy and modern. In any event, aiming for quality fixtures and pressure control should be the first two priorities.

Starbath SS02Y Rain Shower Set


Starbath offers a variety of shower sets but it’s this chrome, round rain shower system that seems the most versatile for the majority of households. It features quality faucets and enough accessories for your choice of installation.


The system connects to 0.5” IPS inlets so it should fit well in most American households. The design allows you to create a concealed shower system if you wish.

The SS02Y system comes complete with all the accessories needed for a proper installation: overhead arm, handheld shower head, valve control, rain shower head, hose, valve protective shell, and more.

To regulate the temperature and the spray patterns, you can use the lever. You can switch between three modes: rain, spring, and a combination of both. The rain feature is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

The spring setting pushes out a heavier spray which is ideal when trying to rinse off a lot of hair and body care products. The stainless steel build is more than reliable and the 12” diameter which makes this extra-large even for rain shower heads.

One thing to note is that the SS02Y also comes with an auxiliary handheld shower head. It’s a bidet-style handheld unit that you might have seen in hotels. The hose is 59” long which gives amazing reach.

Both the rain shower head and the handheld can be on at the same time. The mixer valve is very durable and combines brass and ceramic for longevity and quick responsiveness.



HIMK Shower System


If you’re able to spend some extra money, the HIMK shower system could offer you an experience worthy of 5-star hotels. This system features durable fixtures, stylish finishing, and plenty of adjustability and reach.


Starting with the 71” hose, the HIMK shower system is great for custom shower cabins. Even in a fixed setup, it still provides plenty of coverage due to the 10” shower head. The faucet spout is also quite long at 5.6”.

What’s interesting about this system is that the shower head is square. This allows for very nice downpour spray patterns, and, it helps maintain the 2.5GPM flow rate.

The handheld shower head is smaller and has a 2GPM flow rate. However, it’s easy to take apart so that you can remove the flow restrictor. This might be useful if you have low water pressure.

The brass tub spout is quite long as previously mentioned. It also has a high flow rate for a luxurious shower experience.

The pressure-balanced valve is perhaps the main highlight. The engineering is spot on as it can adapt to the pressure fluctuations in the cold and hot water supply lines.



Derpras DPMB168 Smart Shower System

Smart Shower System

If traditional faucets and shower systems aren’t up to your modern standards, then maybe a smart shower system would be more your speed. The DPMB168 doesn’t need electricity or a battery, but it still lights up when you need it most.


This shower system features an LED digital display, which you’ll find on the shower valve control. It’s powered by hydroelectric power, which means that as soon as water starts flowing, the display panel activates.

The square downpour shower head has an 8” surface area. The handheld shower head is 4” or just enough for spot cleaning. The hose’s reach also helps in this regard.

The mixer valve is made of stainless steel and features a classic 3-in-1 diverter system with hot and cold temperature and pressure control. Due to the overall smaller construction, this shower system can be used over a bathtub if need be, even though it’s designed for a stand-up shower.

If you’re worried about reach or positioning, the adjustable shower arm takes care of it. You can adjust it from 34” to 52”.

Does this system have everything you’re looking for in reliable shower faucets? It depends on your plumbing. The system requires a minimum pressure of 29 PSI to work at its best.

That being said, the water saving potential is right up there with the best shower systems in the industry. And, if you’re looking for some extra perks, the 180-degree spout might interest you.




If you’re still not sure which are the best shower faucets then you should take another look at the Starbath SS20Y shower system. These fixtures give you everything you need from coverage and high water pressure to accurate control and stylish finishing. Everything in this system looks and feels high-end except for the reasonable price.

The multiple spray settings compensate for the cost and any installation difficulties. Of course, if you’re looking for some extra oomph in your décor, the Derpras DPMB168 shower system is also a solid choice.

It’s less adjustable than our top pick but that LED display screen may be the missing shower feature in a modern smart home. The DPMB168 has full functionality, control, and maintains a high level of elegance.

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