Best Shower Filter for Hard Water: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

If you’ve ever lived in a house with hard water, then you know how much of a nuisance it can be. Not only does it leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and irritated, but it’s also detrimental to the healthy growth of your hair and nails.

Absorbing hard water, or water contaminated with harsh chemicals and metals, isn’t beneficial to your overall health.

For this reason, we’ve reviewed and compared five shower filters to determine which is the best shower filter for hard water.

Best ​Shower Filter for Hard Water Reviews

Nepwiz 15-stage Shower Filter

Nepwiz is an e-commerce brand that sells their shower filter only through the Amazon platform. Currently, their only product is the Nepwiz 15-stage Shower Filter, but with its growing popularity, it’s just a matter of time before the company starts offering more innovative products to their consumers.


The Nepwiz 15-stage Shower Filter is a device that is designed with several layers of filtration that helps eliminate a wide variety of contaminants, chemicals, fluoride, and heavy metals like iron. This makes it ideal for filtering hard water.

More than that, it also features a layer of Vitamin C (commonly used in treating hard water and removing chloramine), resin, and natural zeolite crystals. It is a universal shower filter that not only improves the condition of your skin and nails but also restores moisture to your hair.

What's to like about the ​Nepwiz 15-stage Shower Filter

​The 15-stage filtration process consists of two layers of steel mesh, two layers of polypropylene cotton, activated carbon, calcium sulfite powder, KDF 55, magnetic energy rounds, alkaline ceramic balls, mineral, tourmaline, and ions ceramic balls.

What's not to like about the ​Nepwiz 15-stage Shower Filter

There is a noticeable amount of leaking found in the Nepwiz 15-stage shower filter.



Mira’s 10-stage Shower Water Filter

Over the past 90-years, the Mira brand has been working hard to continue to provide their consumers with high-quality, highly innovative, and highly modern filtration systems. As a family-owned, American-based brand, they understand the importance of what their customers get from the shower filter.

Mira is known for using enhanced methods and research to perfect their filtration process without compromising the cost to their consumers.


With the combination of medical stone, calcium sulfite, activated charcoal, and KDF 55 among other beneficial filtration materials, this awesome filter from Mira is guaranteed to be more than effective at fulfilling its primary duty.

Additionally, the PP cotton surface area is large, and when used alongside the alkaline ceramic balls and activated coconut carbon, it balances out pH levels and removes impurities in the water like radioactive iodine and chlorine.

All of the essential filtering elements are sandwiched between two stainless steel mesh stages that start and finish the filtration process.

What's to like about the ​Mira’s 10-stage Shower Water Filter

This shower filter is very easy to use and is equipped with a 10-stage filtration system. It is designed to help eliminate a wide variety of contaminants, such as harsh chemicals and heavy metals, which are sometimes found in unfiltered water.

What's not to like about the ​Mira’s 10-stage Shower Water Filter

​The issue with the Mira’s 1-stage Shower Water Filter is that there are leakages and thereby a drop in water pressure.



Limia’s Care 10-stage Shower Filter

Limia’s Care is a small, family-operated business that understands the importance of having filtered water. They are an e-commerce brand that sells their filtration products through the Amazon platform and are looking to expand outside of shower filters in the future.

Their mission is to provide their consumers with high-quality shower filters that help to reduce and remove the contaminants that might be harming their customers’ skin. They work hard to put their customers first and offer guaranteed satisfaction with not only their products but their experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly after-sales support team as well.

Let’s take a look at its features to see how it compares to others.


The Limia’s Care 10-stage Shower Filter is a filter that helps to improve the condition of your skin while promoting healthy and strong hair and nails. The specific filtering process helps to filter out chlorine, while also protecting you from any residual traces and preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, and algae.

This device is a universal, in-line filter that fits on all showerheads, and comes with a cartridge that lasts upwards of four to six months. No tools are required to have it installed.

What's to like about the ​Limia’s Care 10-stage Shower Filter

​Limia’s Care uses 10 crucial components that consist of two layers of PP cotton, two layers of stainless steel mesh, germanium balls, KDF 55, tourmaline balls, activated carbon, calcium sulfite, and magnetic energy balls.

What's not to like about the ​Limia’s Care 10-stage Shower Filter

​It is not clear however, if this shower filter is suitable for hot water use.



Hocomo 15-stage Shower Filter

Hocomo is another e-commerce brand that sells the majority of their products through the Amazon platform but can sometimes be found in other online marketplaces as well. The company doesn’t just sell shower filters, but they also offer a wide range of products to their customers, all at very affordable prices.

We chose to review the Hocomo 15-stage Shower Filter because of the awesome list of features that it has. We wanted to test for ourselves if it’s worth the price.


When purchased, it includes two removable cartridges that have a lifespan of approximately six to 12 months, depending on usage. The filtration process consists of crucial components that even work to eliminate chloramine and iron.

The first stage is a stainless steel mesh filter, followed by an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh, microporous PP cotton, KDF 55, calcium sulfite, activated carbon, negative ion balls, medical stone, ceramic balls, mineralized balls, magnetic energy balls, Vitamin C powder, alkaline balls, another layer of microporous PP cotton and a third, final layer of ultra-fine stainless steel mesh.

What's to like about the ​Hocomo 15-stage Shower Filter

​The Hocomo 15-stage Water Filter is specifically designed to reduce the number of heavy metals, harsh chemicals, bacteria, scale, mold, chlorine, and other harmful substances that might lie in your untreated water. The universal design makes it compatible with all types of showers, limiting the need for additional extensions.

What's not to like about the ​Hocomo 15-stage Shower Filter

During installation, it is advised not to tighten it too much as the casing of the filter may crack.




We spent a suitable amount of time testing each one of the above shower filters out to ensure we provide you with thorough, accurate reviews before declaring our choice for the best shower filter for hard water. We looked at the filtration system, how quickly we were able to notice results, how easy the filters were to install, and whether or not they left our skin feeling healthy, soft, and hydrated.

In the end, we have concluded that our choice for the best shower filter for hard water is the Select Filters 12-stage Shower Filter. All of the components combined made for an exceptional showering experience, and we were able to notice the benefits straight away.

If you are looking for a shower filter that is a little less expensive but offers decent results, we suggest looking into Mira’s 10-stage Shower Water Filter. There are a few small cons, but it effectively removes chlorine and drastically helps with softening the water.

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No matter which direction you go in, you’re bound to be happier, softer, and cleaner with one of those  shower filters.

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