Do I Need a Shower Filter: The Importance of Shower Filters Explained

Water chlorination is a necessary process that makes our drinking water germ-free, but it has its downsides like the smell and altered taste, not to mention DBPs or disinfection by-products. That is why we use filters for drinking water taps. That makes most of us asking "Do I need a shower filter?"

What Is a Shower Filter?

Shower filters are primarily designed for the reduction of chlorine in shower water. They come in various styles and sizes and mostly use either of the two filtering media: one is the KDF or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion combined with other filtering agents like activated carbon; and the other is Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which neutralizes chlorine in contact.

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Benefits of Filtered Chlorine Water

To initially answer the question "Do I need a shower filter?", if you want to enjoy the benefits of chlorinated water without the setbacks, you may try using a shower filter. Here are some of the top benefits of filtered chlorine water.

  • Less harmful shower water: Using shower filters effectively minimizes chlorine and harmful DBPs (disinfection by-products) in the water. Since shower water can be absorbed by the skin through the pores and can be inhaled through the steam, it is advisable to use a filter that will remove these harmful elements and make your shower safer and healthier.
  • Improves the appearance of skin and hair: Skin and chlorine do not go well together; that’s basically acid versus alkaline. This is the reason why showering with chlorinated water strips away the natural oils from the skin and hair. By removing chlorine from your shower water, you will notice an improvement in your hair and skin’s appearance and feel.
  • Less irritation: Chlorine in the shower water is irritating not only in the skin but in the eyes as well. It can aggravate skin reactions due to allergies and eczema. So, if you have skin conditions or sensitive skin, it is advisable to use a shower filter.
  • Leaves you smelling better after shower: Chlorinated water makes you feel like you are using pool water for shower. Water filters not only remove chlorine in water, but the chlorine smell is also gone. You can now enjoy the scent of your soap and shampoo without the annoying whiff of chlorine. 

Do I Need a Shower Filter?

We may think that shower filters are just for those who have overly sensitive skin and health freaks who get sick just by simply reading about bacteria. However, a lot of experts already told us the various adverse effects of showering with chlorinated water.

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Is a Shower Filter Necessary for Everyone?

Depending on your water source, you may or may not need to use a shower filter. If your water is mainly sourced from the local water processing plant, more likely than not, it is treated with chlorine.

Actually, we cannot think of any shower water source that is not treated with chlorine. Nonetheless, if you are not experiencing any adverse effect from your shower water and are okay with the certain chlorine smell every time you shower, then go and shower with chlorinated water. That being said, you need a shower filter if:

  • You want to get rid of the microorganisms and bacteria that pile up inside the shower head.

Unfiltered water is not only loaded with chlorine and heavy metals, but they are also full of microorganisms that can form a "biofilm" buildup, which your body can absorb as you shower. Using a shower filter eliminates unwanted microorganisms from the water and saves you from that gross and unsightly goo.

  • You want to stay young and healthy-looking.

As we already stated above, chlorinated water strips away the skin’s protective layer and at the same time disrupts the skin and hair’s natural pH levels. By removing moisture from the skin, it will get drier, making the aging process faster. Filtered water, on the other hand, removes harmful chemicals that make your skin dry and itchy and your hair brittle and frizzy.

  • You enjoy relaxing showers.

Was there a time when you have tried to go on a relaxing shower but walked out of it feeling worse than ever? This is because exposure to chlorine can result in physical fatigue and even mental stress.

It can lower the body’s immunity, making you more prone to allergies and infectious diseases. Get rid of the harsh chlorine vapors and have a more relaxing, therapeutic shower with a shower filter.

  • You are pregnant.

According to experts, pregnant women who regularly shower using unfiltered water that is high in chlorine and chloramine (ammonia and chlorine) have a greater risk of pregnancy-related complications like stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, premature delivery, and various birth defects. Using a shower filter eliminates chlorine from the water and making your shower water relatively safer to use.

  • You want to minimize the toxic chemicals you deal with regularly.

We have 75,000 known toxic chemicals, and we are dealing with them in almost everything we do. Food, skin care products, home products, and even our water have thousands of these chemicals.

Did you know that most chemical pollutants are found in scented products like candles and detergents? What if we can do something to minimize, even for a bit, the toxins that we ingest into our body, wouldn’t you do it? Using a shower filter can help reduce the toxic chemicals that your body is being exposed to. 


Taking a shower must be a pleasant experience. But how can you get its maximum benefit if the water you are using to shower is loaded with harmful chemicals and microorganisms?

Using a shower filter can protect you from getting exposed to too many chemicals and pathogens. Yes, it is true that no filter is 100% effective in removing these harmful elements.

However, by reducing the levels of chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria, you are only left with shower water that is as clean and pure as it can get. You can now enjoy a shower that perks you up in the morning and relaxes you at night.

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