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Perhaps among the most annoying things you will ever experience when taking a shower is low water pressure. It’s not only time-consuming but also physically and mentally exhausting.

If your bathroom has the same issue, you will want to install the best shower head for low water pressure. You will find plenty of showerheads that promise great results, so we picked out the top five to help you with your decision.

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure: Brief Reviews

SparkPod High-Pressure Rain Showerhead

SparkPod is a manufacturer of bathroom hardware, which includes showerheads and shower arm extensions. This rain showerhead promises to bring the power of the monsoon into your bathroom. Will it be able to deliver on that promise?

Product Highlights

As a universal showerhead, this SparkPod creation quickly connects to most standard arms and does so in less than five minutes. Thanks to its high-pressure design, you can expect it to rinse your body of bubbles effectively and efficiently.

You’d want to keep it clean and free of buildup, which you can easily do because the nozzles are made of rust-proof ABS plastic. Because of this, getting rid of hard water deposits, like limescale, shouldn’t be an issue.

To help save on water and energy, this showerhead has a 1.8 GMP (gallons per minute) limit. This rate is more than enough to deliver longer hot showers while helping you save some bucks.

The Good

Besides being easy to install, you’ll like that this showerhead comes with a free additional water filter. Also included in your purchase is a roll of Teflon tape to help you fit it securely.

After months of use, you will find that cleaning the nozzles requires minimal effort.

The Bad

The size of this SparkPod showerhead may not be ideal for a rain shower. At 6.9 by 6.4 by 3.9 inches, it might be too small for some bathrooms.


  • Stylish modern design
  • Tool-free installation
  • Operates quietly
  • Available in different finishes
  • Features 90 rubber jets


  • More expensive than others on this list

Hopopro High-Pressure Fixed Showerhead

From faucets to showerheads, Hopopro specializes in a variety of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. This high-pressure fixed showerhead, for instance, boasts five modes that all offer a pleasant shower experience.

Product Highlights

As mentioned, this Hopopro showerhead has a total of five spray settings with varying pressures. You can set it on rain, mist, massage, rain and massage, and rain and mist.

The exquisite-looking ABS chrome finish makes this showerhead light, rust-resistant, and durable. It also boasts a specialized design that offers excellent qualities such as anti-leak and anti-clog. This adjustable showerhead bears 47 self-cleaning nozzles, which essentially saves you the hassle of removing and cleaning it periodically.

Another of its selling point is its ease of installation. Even with no DIY skills, you can get it working within a couple of minutes without needing the help of a professional plumber.

The Good

Despite looking slightly matte, it will seamlessly match your other chrome shower fixtures. Accessories such as Teflon tape and wrench come with every purchase, which are nice extras to have.

The Bad

If you are looking for a showerhead covering a large range, this model is probably not the most ideal. Unfortunately, it is quite small, at merely 4.3 inches wide.


  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • Sleek design
  • Easy installation


  • Water pressure may not be very high
  • Questionable box quality

WASSA High-Pressure Showerhead

Probably inspired by a former president’s campaign slogan, Wassa intends to “Make Showers Great Again.” Though not as widely known in the industry as big-name brands, it prides itself on providing quality products. One of its best yet is this high-pressure showerhead.

Product Highlights

With its compact three-inch build, you can expect to get high water pressure from this showerhead. It has a single-pattern preset mode that releases just the right level of pressure.

You will also find that lime and hard water deposits will have difficulty clinging to the 45 silicone-made nozzles.

Using Teflon tape, you can connect this head to your shower arm within mere minutes. It has a G 1/2 connection thread that doesn’t require any tools to install. It also features an adjustable brass ball connection that lets you swivel the showerhead to your liking.

The Good

Because of its compact build, this Wassa showerhead offers easy handling and impressive adjustability. It also has a built-in stainless-steel filter, perfect for homes with a hard water supply.

The Bad

While the single high-pressure spray pattern is enough for many, some may prefer to alter the flow speed from time to time. Also, the design may not be very appealing for some, as it has a very generic shape.


  • Suitable for those on a budget
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Works with high and low water pressure
  • Prevents buildup in nozzles
  • Does not crack or leak easily


  • No special features
  • Only one finish type

NearMoon High-Pressure Rainfall Shower

From showerheads to caddies, NearMoon offers a variety of bathroom essentials with high-quality features. For instance, this high-pressure rainfall shower promises to deliver a better shower experience.

Product Highlights

This NearMoon showerhead has a beautiful chrome finish that will pleasantly blend nicely with most modern bathroom fixtures. Even better is that you can expect a consistent rain-like flow from its 90 silicone nozzles whenever you need a relaxing shower.

This showerhead utilizes the air-in technology that promises high-pressure performance even in areas with low water pressure. Similar to most other showerheads, it has a swivel ball connector to allow you to customize the flow angle to your liking.

Of all the options on this list, this eight-inch showerhead ensures you get the most range. What’s more, blockages are unlikely to happen because it has self-cleaning nozzles made from flexible silicone jets.

Regardless if you have this NearMoon shower mounted on the wall or the ceiling, installation only takes a few minutes and requires no tools.

The Good

Due to its ultra-thin design and chrome finish, this showerhead is perfect for those who prefer a seamless and minimalist design.

Impressively enough, it is the only one on this list to feature solid stainless steel instead of chrome-plated plastic. The advantages of this material are its luxurious aesthetic and incomparable durability.

The Bad

While you get extensive coverage, it is also possible that you’ll drain the hot water before you finish your shower.


  • Economical
  • Rust-proof material
  • Mirror-like showerhead reflection
  • Helps boost water pressure
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Non-adjustable flow setting

Aisoso High-Pressure Showerhead

Aisoso offers a range of home essentials, from cutlery to bathroom fixtures. For a relaxing time in the shower, consider installing the Aisoso High-Pressure Showerhead.

Product Highlights

To ensure no use of toxic materials, this 4.1-inch Aisoso showerhead has a high-quality ABS plastic body. It is then polished with a chrome finish to match most modern bathroom fixtures. The upgraded internal structure makes it possible for this showerhead to deliver high-pressure water flow.

You will like that it has a mesh filter that effectively traps sediments to prevent clogging. It even comes with Teflon tape so that you can ensure it doesn’t leak.

Five spray modes are available, which allow for a personalized shower experience for you and your family.

The Good

This showerhead’s best selling point is the fact that it is easy to keep clean. When it comes time to do so, you’ll find that cleaning the 47 self-cleaning jets and the 19 ABS nozzles is effortless.

The Bad

Some may not appreciate its ABS plastic construction, as it’s more likely to be prone to damages than stainless steel.


  • Installs in minutes
  • Does not clog
  • Won’t rust like other showerheads
  • Plenty of spray modes
  • Adjustable angle


  • Very susceptible to scratches

Buyer’s Guide

There are lots of showerheads on the market today that offer a variety of features. As such, it is vital to identify which is the one that fits and meets your preferences.

Here are a few crucial factors to keep in mind:

Type of Shower Head

With several options to choose from, it is common to get confused about which one is the best choice for you. The showerhead you pick must address your needs and preferences regarding style, price, features, materials, and mounting options.

Here are some of the most common types of showerheads available on the market:


The most popular type of showerhead is the wall-mounted. With this type, you’ll find that it is convenient and easy to replace without spending too much. Apartment and hotel bathrooms often have wall-mounted showerheads.


A hand-held showerhead comes with a flexible hose attached to a light showerhead. It is best for those who may have difficulties in getting the angle they prefer.

If you have kids or pets to take care of, you should strongly consider a hand-held showerhead, as it will make bathing them much more manageable. There is also a hybrid type that allows for both fixed and hand-held usage.


Yes, there is such a thing as LED showerheads. And, yes, it costs more than regular ones. If you want to spice up your bathroom, the integrated LED can easily liven up your experience.

Flow Pattern

The spray or flow pattern gives you different experiences. For many, this is a crucial factor in deciding which showerhead they go for. You’ll find many showerheads featuring different modes from which you can choose depending on your preferences.

Here are some of the most common flow pattern types:


As its name implies, the rain flow pattern emulates the feeling of getting soaked by raindrops. Many find this rain-like feeling soothing and relaxing, probably because it resembles a natural phenomenon.


If you’re someone who likes high-pressure water, the jet flow pattern gives you a concentrated, intense spray action.


Offering a massage-like experience, this setting targets several pressure points that aim to relax your body.


This flow pattern is for those who want a gentle spray of tiny droplets splashing their tired body.


Two of the most-used materials on showerheads are ABS plastic and stainless steel. While both are rust-resistant, some may prefer the stainless-steel type.

Essentially, it is more durable and visually appealing than ABS plastic. However, stainless-steel showerheads may cost more for obvious reasons.

Shower Head for Low Water Pressure FAQs

Are there shower heads that increase water pressure?

Absolutely. Some showerheads use a compression chamber or decrease flow rate to improve water pressure.

Most of the options here offer such features to provide high-pressure water in bathrooms with an otherwise low-pressure supply.

How can I make my shower more powerful low water pressure?

First, make sure the supply is not restricted by clogs, flow restrictors, or faulty tubes. If doing that doesn’t solve it, you may have to invest in a shower pump.

A shower pump specializes in increasing the streamflow in your shower by pumping more water from the pipes to your showerhead. You will want to hire a plumber if you are unsure about installing a shower pump, as it is not as simple as replacing a showerhead.

Do low pressure shower heads actually work?

Low-pressure showerheads suppress the water coming out with their finer nozzles. As a result, you get a more concentrated and more powerful spray that effectively removes soap and shampoo lather.

Ideally, these high-quality, low-pressure showerheads provide you with sufficient water pressure. However, you may need additional tools and help from a plumber if you’re not getting the results you prefer.

What causes low water pressure in shower head?

Here are a few reasons why you are getting low water pressure:

Peak Usage

At certain times of the year, especially during the summer season and rush hours in the morning or at night, you may not get the pressure you need.

The reason behind this is that the water volume directed to your building or area is divided heavily.

Mineral Deposits

Outdated pipes that are not well-maintained could accumulate mineral deposits, which disrupt and block the water flow.

Pipe Leaks

If water is escaping through the pipes before reaching your home, most likely, you’ll get little to no water flow.

Flow Restrictor

In some cases, your showerhead may have a flow restrictor limiting the flow of water coming out. It is a common practice for many to remove the restrictor to get the maximum water flow.

What is good water pressure for a shower head?

If you’re living in a low water pressure area, it’s best to check if you have a flow rate of 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute).

This rate is sufficient for high-quality showerheads to increase water pressure while using less water, resulting in lower utility bills and better results.

What Shower Head Is Best for Low Water Pressure?

Considering style, materials, features, and price, the best shower head for low water pressure is the rainfall shower from NearMoon. Its stainless-steel build and coverage are far more superior to its counterparts.

Plus, it also utilizes air-in technology to provide an exceptional flow that works well in areas with low water pressure. The best part? The price difference between the other showerheads is not that significant, so opting for the NearMoon option is the most sensible.

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Plants That Grow Well In The Shower​ Mon, 14 Jun 2021 17:02:30 +0000 Shower plants are a very popular trend that is catching on. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can easily add one or two bathroom plants to light up the bathroom environment. Shower plants are the perfect addition to your guest bathroom if you want to change the decor ...

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Shower plants are a very popular trend that is catching on. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can easily add one or two bathroom plants to light up the bathroom environment. Shower plants are the perfect addition to your guest bathroom if you want to change the decor a little. 

Plants that grow well in the shower are available in all sizes and shapes, from mini aloe plants that are the size of a cup holder to snake plants that can grow to 3 feet tall. These plants range from those that require no sunlight to grow to those that require high sunlight.

How to create a shower plant?

shower plants

Installing a plant that grows in the shower is easy. If you’ve cared for house plants before, then you can directly buy a bigger plant and install it in your home. We recommend starting with one plant. Once you’ve understood how to care for the plant, you can graduate to a family of plants.

Installing a baby plant in your shower is a great idea if you’ve never cared for plants before. While baby plants are more delicate, they can also be more forgiving. Therefore, getting a small plant will help you manage the requirements. It will ensure you get the complete experience of growing a plant.

There is no limitation to how many plants you can install in your bathroom. The only criteria you should look at are whether the plant requires direct sunlight and if the plant can grow in the bathroom. Plants that cannot survive in humidity are not a good choice for the bathroom.

You should consider whether you should opt for artificial light such as high voltage bulbs and how it will affect the plant’s growth.

How to install shower plants?

Shower Plants

Installing a plant in your bathroom is an easy task. Here is a list of ideas for your bathroom plant installation.


Plants with bright green leaves in the bathroom look aesthetically beautiful when placed on shelves. You can create arrangements and designs for the shelves. Additionally, you can also add photographs, books, and other small decor items to the shelves. You can keep cast iron plants on shelves.


Hanging your beautiful plants from the ceiling is an excellent option if you don’t have space. For hanging pots, it is a good idea to choose flowy plant-like Pothos instead of small plants. These can also be hung near the bathroom windows to ensure they meet their sunlight requirement.


Alternatively, you can buy a large plant and keep it in the corner of your bathroom. It may take up a lot of space, but with white tiles and minimal designs, the potted plant will look different. For such arrangements, use plants that are more than 2 feet in height.

Bathroom windows

Bathroom window sills are an excellent location for plants that grow in the shower. Placing a tropical plant in the sunny window can help you maintain the plant’s sunlight requirements.


The bathtub ledges can be used to keep small plants. This will help add a wide range of accents to your bathroom. However, avoid using plants that are more than a foot tall. Only keep those plants near your bathtub that require a humid environment.

Add low-light plants to a bath window

Shower plants

Adding a low-light plant in your bathroom is an excellent idea if you have a north-facing window. While this window does get sunlight, it is not enough for many plants that require 8+ hours of direct sunlight. Therefore, you can install a plant with low light requirements.

Plants that require low-light conditions are also more likely to survive in the bathroom. However, many plants that fit these criteria have other requirements. For example, some plants may require moist soil to help them grow in the absence of sunlight.

Therefore when you select a low-light plant that grows well in the shower, it is also important to consider other factors that will boost its growth.

Best shower plants for moist environments

Shower Plants for Moist Environments

There are hundreds of species that can be classified as bathroom plants. However, you need to select carefully. Plants that require direct sunlight can become impossible to maintain in your bathroom. 

Bathrooms have humid environments, and therefore you need to consider a plant that requires humidity. 

Most people try to control the humidity in their bathroom by turning on the exhaust fan. Unfortunately, this is a short-term solution. Most bathrooms are 50% more humid than other rooms in your home.

When exposed to this humidity level for the entire day, some plants like Pothos may survive because it thrives in a humid environment. But other plants like the aloe vera plant and succulents may start to wilt in high humidity.

Plants like Pilea peperomioides, Asparagus Fern, and Cast Iron Plants can survive in extremely high humidity. These plants come in different colors but have one thing in common: they can survive the temperature fluctuations caused by high humidity.

Best plants for your bathroom


Here’s a list of some perfect bathroom plants.


Pathos Plant

Pothos is a trailing plant that is easy to grow. It does not require much attention or frequent watering. This plant absorbs moisture from the air and will therefore help maintain the humidity of your washroom. These plants are exceptional at purifying chemicals from the air.

Tillandsia/Air Plant

Tillandsia air plant

Tillandsia requires indirect sunlight and can be grown in moist air. They don’t require any soil or watering to grow and therefore are the easiest type of plant you can install in your bathroom. They are excellent at cleaning the surrounding air and can help reduce your stress. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the type of plant that can survive in high and low-light bathrooms. They can be hanged or placed on floors. Unlike Pothos, the aloe plant does not absorb a lot of moisture in the air and requires regular watering. This plant can also be cut into small strips and then used for skincare.

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern requires indirect light to grow. They are also known as vining plants. These can be grown on your bathroom plaques or as decorations around your mirror. Staghorn Fern requires lots of humidity to grow! They are also known as minimal care air purifying plants that grow well in the shower.

Calathea “Freddie”

Calathea Plant

If you’re looking for tropical plants to add to your bathroom, Calathea Freddie is the perfect shower plant! They originate from Brazil and have light beautiful green leaves. These plants require medium-to-bright lighting. They can be used to increase oxygen levels inside your bathroom.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen houseplant

Chinese evergreen is the perfect plant to install if you travel a lot. This plant thrives even when it isn’t watered regularly and does not require direct light. This plant is excellent at removing pollutants from the air. If you live in a busy street, installing it in your bathroom will ensure you always get clean air.


Gardenia plant

Gardenia plant has white flowers that can enhance your bathroom and give it a personal thought. These plants require bright light and warm weather. Therefore, these plants enjoy being placed near steamy showers. These are the type of plant that grows well in the shower with a lot of care. Therefore if you’re a novice plant owner, you may not want to start with these.

Snake plant

snake plants

The Snake plant prefers a humid bathroom. To maintain it, you need to keep its soil moist. These vertical plants can grow several feet tall. They have variegated leaves and are commonly known as air-purifying plants. They should be added if you want to remove pollutants from your bathroom.

Spider plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants are the perfect example of shade-loving plants. They are low-hanging plants that can be attached to your ceiling with a hook. They can also tolerate medium light and require low maintenance. These are the perfect choice for plants that grow well in the shower and bathroom with no natural light.

Eternity plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

Zamioculcas flower

Also known as the ZZ plant, this plant grows well in the shower without any light. These plants require well-drained potting soil and, therefore, should only be watered when the entire soil is dry. These plants are known to boost productivity and reduce stress.

Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis spp.)

Moth Orchid

Moth Orchids are purple flowering plants. They don’t require a lot of natural light and can function in the shade. They are easy to care for and require humid conditions to grow. These are air-purifying plants. If you’re looking for plants that don’t need much attention, these are for you.

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboos are cane plants that can be kept in your bathroom. These are the types of plants that grow well in the shower even when they’re given no light. They can grow in any light conditions and survive in any part of your home, even in a very humid bathroom.

Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata)

Dragon Plant

Dragon Trees are perfect for owners who forget about their plants. These plants can grow anywhere regardless of bathroom temperatures. These easy-to-grow plants that grow well in the shower are nearly indestructible.

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata bostoniensis)

Boston Fern

Nest fern or Boston Fern is a humidity-loving plant that looks beautiful in bathrooms. They require indirect light but can also live in moderate light without any damage. These plants are the most efficient in getting rid of bacteria and toxins in the air.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a plant with white flowers. The environment for plants like these needs to be carefully maintained. Therefore, you should control the extra humidity in your bathroom to ensure it thrives. These plants are good air purifiers when maintained properly.

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Golden Pathos

Golden Pothos is a type of Pothos that can grow in showers. Because they come from a tropical environment, they do well in plenty of moisture and low lighting conditions. They are well known for having heart-shaped leaves. To care for this plant, you should never place them in a bright window.

Do plants make your bathroom healthier?

Plants that grow in the shower or bathroom can help make your lifestyle healthier. If you’ve gone through the list above, you may notice that many plants can purify the air, remove pollutants or increase oxygen levels. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that there are many advantages of installing plants in your shower.

Better air quality

Many plants that grow in the shower are good at filtering chemicals like trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, formaldehyde, and benzene. All these chemicals are present in makeup products like perfume. They can also help purify ammonia which is made by human indigestion. When you install the right indoor plant in your bathroom, these plants can purify the air and make sure these toxic chemicals do not remain.

Increase energy

Many plants grow in the shower and can be used to clean your home of bad energy. These plants are called Feng Shui plants. To increase the positive energy in your bathroom, you can consider small potted plants like ferns or Pothos. Some of these plants thrive in moist environments and should be installed as close to the shower as possible.

Improve mental health

Studies show that growing and caring for a plant can help put you in a better mood. It may also help you pay attention to detail and have mental peace. Therefore when you’re installing plants that grow in the shower, it may be a good idea to compare a few plants before choosing one. They are the perfect touch to your home and can put you in a better mood.

Plants that grow in the shower can help liven your bathroom. Therefore, regardless of your bathroom size, shape, and the plant’s natural environment. But different plants have different requirements, so if you are not willing to put in too much effort, get any of these shower plants now.

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Best Smart Vanity Mirror With Lights And Bluetooth Speakers In 2021​ Tue, 25 May 2021 14:23:16 +0000 Smart mirrors were invented in 2016 and as more people find out the advantages of using a smart mirror over a traditional one, they have gained increasing popularity. Read this article to find the best smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers  available in the US. Top Picks for ...

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Smart mirrors were invented in 2016 and as more people find out the advantages of using a smart mirror over a traditional one, they have gained increasing popularity. Read this article to find the best smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers  available in the US.

Top Picks for Smart Vanity Mirror with Lights

Smart vanity mirrors come with various unique features, including anti-fog function and alarm settings. Some of our top picks for smart vanity mirrors are as follows:

1. iHome All-in-One Double-Sided Vanity Mirror

The iHome All-in-One Double-Sided Vanity Mirror comes with a hands-free speakerphone that can be used to answer phone calls. The built-in MIC can also be used to end the call or answer the phone. Additionally, the base plate also includes a USB connection port that can be used to charge mobile phones.


  • 1x and 7x Magnification
  • Dimensions: 10.6×6.3×16.2 inches
  • 3.06 Pounds product weight
  • Two light settings: high and low
  • Power saving mode
  • Aux-in connection feature
  • Portable
  • iOS and Android wireless connection

Biggest Selling Point

The biggest selling point of the iHome All-in-One Double-Sided Vanity Mirror is the charging capacity of the mirror. The mirror takes minimum charging time, and the battery can last up to 8 hours. The mirror can also charge both Android and iOS devices and includes an Aux connection for the same. It can be easily packed in the luggage with any of your daily-wear products without making a significant difference in weight.

2. iHome Reflect II Bluetooth Vanity Mirror

The iHome Reflect II Bluetooth Vanity mirror is one of the smart vanity mirrors with light and Bluetooth speakers. The product comes with a LED lighting that provides a full-colour spectrum. The brightness can further be adjusted to obtain two light modes; high and low. The distortion free-mirror provides a clear reflection of the user highlighting all features in HD.


  • 1x magnification
  • dimensions: 7.01×5.08×11.19 inches
  • 1.61 Pounds product weight
  • White LED flat-plane lighting
  • Google and Siri voice support
  • USB charging port
  • Integrated control button to answer/end calls.

Biggest Selling Point

The biggest selling point of the iHome Reflects II Bluetooth Vanity mirror is the voice control feature provided by the integrated Siri function. The function can be used to search for current weather while you are busy in your daily routine. The base plate includes buttons for all functions, including volume control, cloud assistant, speaker on/off and brightness control.

3. Showtimez Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Showtimes Hollywood Vanity Mirror is an excellent choice for a vanity mirror with lights. The product comes with an anti-fog function. The product can easily be mounted on a wall or be placed on a bathroom counter or a bedroom vanity. The mirror is encased in a sturdy frame that ensures it is not damaged during transport or after delivery. 


  • Dimensions: 22.8×17.5 inches
  • 5.8kg product weight
  • 100-240V power input
  • 1.5m cable length
  • Three light settings: cool white, neutral light and warm yellow
  • Removable metal base plate
  • 12 dimmable LED bulbs
  • Adjustable brightness
  • USB charging port

Biggest Selling Point

The biggest selling point is the memory function that remembers your desired lighting mode and brightness. The brightness can be adjusted according to the natural light available. This will ensure you get the best visibility when applying your skincare products. The lights don’t cast any shadows or glare into the user’s eyes. The rectangular mirror places focus entirely on the length of your face.

3. Simplehuman Mirror Hi-Fi with Alexa

Most Advanced Option

While many different smart mirrors provide alarm setting options, the one we recommend is unique because of its distinct features.

The simplehuman Mirror Hi-Fi comes with a custom-designed audio function that will provide high-quality audio to your music and podcasts. The product is integrated with Alexa so you don’t have to use your phone to change the music. The speakers are integrated with Danish-designed 2.5 inch driver, which is tuned to produce a well-balanced sound.


  • 5x magnification
  • Dimensions: 17.1x11x5.8 inches
  • 4.9 pounds product weight
  • 5-year warranty
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Face-detection sensor

Biggest Selling Point

The product provides a unique Tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight for the user so that you can get the best makeup possible. The smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers can easily be synced with the cloud-service system in your home.

4. AirExpect's Makeup Vanity Mirror

Best Seller in Personal Makeup Mirrors

Personal makeup mirrors are smaller than traditional ones but larger than portable mirrors. These can provide better lighting and focus entirely on facial features.

AirExpect’s Makeup Vanity Mirror is one of the best portable, floor standing mirrors available in the market. The tri-fold design allows a 90-degree rotation. This will allow you to adjust the vanity mirror on whichever surface you choose to and get the best angle and lighting. The product has high-quality finish and is available in three colours; white, metallic pink and black.


  • 1x, 2x and 3x magnifications
  • Dimensions: 6.8×9.4 inches
  • 10 ounces product weight
  • Anti-scratch and dustproof coating
  • Diamond patterned cover that protects the mirror from breaking
  • Touch screen sensors
  • Dual power supply
  • Portable

Biggest Selling Point

The biggest selling point of AirExpect’s Makeup Vanity Mirror is the three light modes available in the product. The product comes with white, white+yellow and yellow light settings controlled with the touch screen sensor. The product has excellent picture quality. The brightness can further be changed in each mode according to the natural light available.

What are the different types of Vanity Mirrors?

Vanity mirrors are personal mirrors that you can use to complete your daily skincare routine. These can either be portable or fixed in one place. Each has its advantage and disadvantage. Here are the most common types of vanity mirrors:

  • Lighted vanity mirror (Hollywood vanity mirror)

Lighted vanity mirrors have either LEDs or bulbs fixed around the mirror. These are made to help you focus entirely on the details of your hair and makeup. The lighting is made so that there is no shadow or glare on your face while you’re using the mirror. These can either be placed in bathrooms or above vanity tables where you usually carry out your contour routine.

  • Round design mirror

Round design mirrors are one of the most popular options. While they don’t have any smart features, these can help you during hair styling. This mirror is most popular because it ensures that the entire focus is on the face. They are usually the same size as a person’s face and are wall-mounted so that you can adjust the height and angle of the mirror.

  • Portable mirror

Portable mirrors are about the size of a small lamp. These are most popularly used by people who want to travel with a good mirror. These need to be used in a good light setting. Unlike other lighted vanity mirrors or smart portable mirrors, they don’t come with in-built lighting options.

One of the biggest advantages of this mirror is that there are many size options. While many people prefer circular mirrors, you can also get them in other shapes.

  • Smart portable mirror

Smart portable mirrors are often the same size as portable mirrors. However, unlike the latter, they need to be connected to an electric switch. These have brightness settings or Bluetooth options so that you can listen to music while you’re doing makeup.

  • Vanity mirror with Bluetooth features

Smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers are easily available in the market. These are non-portable, full-to-medium size mirrors that can be installed in your bathroom or bedroom. The lighting can be adjusted according to your needs, and the Bluetooth speakers can be connected with other devices.

These mirrors also provide good Bluetooth audio and need to be connected to an electrical supply.

  • Smart vanity mirrors

Smart vanity mirrors are different from Bluetooth vanity mirrors. These come with cloud-based services that can provide real-time weather forecast that you can listen to while getting ready. They have high audio quality and can easily listen to the daily news or stream other channels.

Smart vanity mirrors come with a range of features and are available in various sizes, shapes and styles.

What is the best vanity mirror?

Despite the various sizes and shapes available, the best vanity mirror is the Fenair Bluetooth Vanity Mirror

The Fenair Bluetooth Vanity Mirror is a Hollywood-style smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers. 

Like other Fenair mirrors, this also includes excellent Bluetooth speakers with high sound quality and can be used to listen to podcasts, favourite music, or answer phone calls. The product also comes with a 3-year warranty, 1-month no-reason-return policy and can be shipped anywhere in the US.


  • 10x magnification 
  • Dimensions: 19.6×15.7 inches
  • 14 dimmable bulbs with 50,000 hours
  • 110-230V power input
  • 10.12kg product weight
  • 3 colors – Cool white, warm white and warm yellow
  • Wall-mountable
  • Tinplate frame
  • USB socket charging
  • Touch screen controls

Biggest selling point:

The biggest selling point of Fenair Makeup Vanity Mirror is the microphone speaker that can answer phone calls. The microphone comes with high clarity so that your caller can understand you clearly. The product’s second best feature is that it can be dismantled when not in use. The base plate can be detached, and the mirror can also be removed from the rubber-held socket when not in use.

What are the Top Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors with Speakers? 

Even though there are many manufacturers of Bluetooth bathroom mirrors with speakers, there are two companies that are miles ahead from the rest; simplehuman and iHome. Both these companies are well-known for producing great mirrors with unique features and installed in any American home. Let’s discuss what makes these two companies stand out from their competition.

Simplehuman is a performance-driven company that aims to provide simple technological upgrades to everyday household items. Simplehuman has various high-range mirrors. However, the best is the sensor mirror hi-fi with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95.

Their tru-lux light system aims to simulate natural lighting conditions, i.e. sunlight, to see the complete colour spectrum without any hindrance. The mirror is perfect if you want a perfect light setting during your daily routine.

The mirror also comes with an excellent audio feature with a control button that can be used to listen to your favourite music or podcast. The in-built sensor detects your face and also lets you control additional features like weather forecast, Alexa, etc.

However, what makes this product stand out is its touch switch button which allows you to control the harshness of the light and change it to candlelight. It is a relatively small mirror with 15″ height and 4.1″ diameter.

iHome has two unique mirrors: REFLECT and LUX II, out of which the latter is an impressive option for a smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers. The mirror is 16.5″ in height and 11″ in width and comes with special packaging to ensure nothing is broken. The biggest selling point of this mirror is its power-saving timer that automatically turns off the mirror if no face is detected in 25 minutes.

LUX II is a double-sided mirror that allows different magnification. One side has 1x magnification, while the other side has 7x magnification. This is perfect if you examine your face multiple times to ensure you are developing healthier skin. The vanity mirror also comes with a Bluetooth speaker connected to any device and a battery that lasts up to 4 hours.

Additionally, the mirror can also be used to charge other appliances. If you don’t want to use the Bluetooth function, the AUX cable attachment allows you to connect any phone to the mirror to stream music. 

Both are smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers and highly recommended to be purchased. However, if you’re looking for a Hollywood Vanity mirror, your perfect choice is discussed in the next section.

What is the best Bluetooth Mirror?

While there are many smart vanity mirrors with lights and Bluetooth speakers available on Amazon, there is only one we specifically recommend; the Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror.

Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror comes with speakers, dim-able lights, a touch screen and an excellent after-sale service. The product can be shipped anywhere in the US. The Bluetooth speakers can easily be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device and provide high-quality audio. The mirror also includes a smart touch system that can be used to control the brightness of the LED.

Key Features:

  • 10x magnification
  • Dimensions: 58×46 inches
  • 110-230V power input
  • 10.12kg product weight
  • Back speaker, microphone design.
  • 15 dimmable led light last up to 50,000 hours
  • USB port for charging.
  • Smart touch-control system.
  • 3-year warranty 
  • 1-month after-sale return

Biggest selling point:

The Fenair Bluetooth Makeup mirror comes with three light modes: cool white, warm white and warm yellow. The memory function remembers whichever setting you choose and restores to the same mode every time you turn on the mirror. The default settings can be adjusted according to user requirement, including light settings, brightness, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are smart Bluetooth mirrors with speakers?

With new technological advances, household and bathroom appliances are not to be left behind. Smart mirrors are relatively new gadgets that allow homeowners to be entertained while going through their beauty routine.

Bluetooth mirrors are those with an in-built Bluetooth function that can then be used to stream music, podcasts or audiobooks. On the other hand, smart mirrors have cloud-based voice search services like Alexa, so that you don’t have to connect to a laptop or mobile phone to stream music. 


What are Bluetooth Mirrors?

Bluetooth mirrors are similar to normal mirrors, apart from the built-in Bluetooth feature. This allows you to wirelessly connect your mobile phone or laptop to the mirror and act as a speaker. This way, when you’re getting ready, you can use the speakers to listen to your favourite music, podcasts or audiobooks.


Are Bluetooth Mirrors any good?

When you compare Bluetooth mirrors with normal mirrors, there is no difference in the quality of the glass or the reflection. These usually include speakers, anti-fog strip or function, weather reports, WIFI connectivity, LEDs, etc. But the technological advancements make the Bluetooth mirror much better than the standard mirror. You can easily use these to ignore phone calls or talk to people while you’re getting ready.


What features do the Mirrors have?

Bluetooth mirrors have been researched for several years now, including various features and options to choose from. Some of the most popular features of a Bluetooth mirror include:

  1. Anti-fog button
  2. USB socket for charging phones
  3. LEDs
  4. Clock
  5. Current weather and daily news reporting system
  6. Cloud voice-search services like Alexa
  7. Touch-sensitive controls
  8. LCD screen display for video calls
  9. Portable mirrors 

Several manufacturers also allow you to customize your smart vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth speakers. Additionally, these mirrors also come in different sizes and shapes so that you can easily carry one while travelling.


Which are the top Bluetooth bathroom mirrors with speakers?

There are various Bluetooth bathroom mirrors with speakers but our top picks for Bluetooth mirrors with speakers are:

  1. Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror with Lights and Speaker
  2. Fenchilin Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth

What type of lighting is best for the bathroom?

Bathroom lighting should have a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) between 90 and 100. There are many options available for bathroom lightings. You should install either incandescent bulbs or LED fixtures. Incandescent bulbs are an excellent lighting option if you use your bathroom to get ready to do your makeup routine

These bulbs are in two white shades: warm white and cool white, and last longer. You can install a fluorescent bulb in the bathroom as long as it has a CRI of 90 or higher. Choosing a mirror with a good CRI will ensure you don’t have to adjust the brightness setting.


How do you connect Bluetooth to a mirror?

If you have a Bluetooth mirror, you can easily connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to it. To connect the device, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button on the mirror and turn on the Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your device, i.e. laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  3. Go to Bluetooth settings, and under ‘detect devices’, you may see “Electric mirror”. If you don’t know the name of your mirror, you can look through the guide provided with the mirror.
  4. Pair the device with your music. 
  5. You will notice a blinking LED changing colour once the pairing is complete. These are placed in different locations on different mirrors. 
  6. Play music on your device and listen to it through the mirror!

How do Bluetooth bathroom mirrors work?

You simply have to pair your mirror with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and when you play any audio on the device, it will be projected through the mirror. 

The Bluetooth system is integrated into the mirror and, therefore, will not cause any problems. The mirror works on electricity and therefore does not require any charging. A good power supply is enough to keep the mirror working.


Factors to consider before buying a Bluetooth mirror?

If you’ve decided to buy a Bluetooth mirror, here are the things you should consider before investing in one:

  • Size: The size of the mirror should fit your bathroom. There is little point in investing in a large mirror if you don’t have space in your bathroom or bedroom to place it.
  • Style and features: Bluetooth mirrors come in various features, shapes and styles. You can easily choose a mirror that will match your existing decor.
  • Location: A Bluetooth mirror requires an electric connection and should always be placed near a socket.
  • Portability: If you want to buy a small portable mirror, the weight and size of the mirror will decide its portability.
  • Budget: Different manufacturers have different prices set for Bluetooth mirrors. Decide your budget before you visit any store. 

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Waterproof Shower Speakers​ Mon, 17 May 2021 15:46:54 +0000 Do you hate taking showers? If so, it’s likely because you feel showering is boring. What if there was a way to make showering more fun? Well, there is: waterproof shower speakers. Now you can jam out to your favorite tunes to start your day. Or you can listen to ...

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Do you hate taking showers? If so, it’s likely because you feel showering is boring.

What if there was a way to make showering more fun? Well, there is: waterproof shower speakers.

Now you can jam out to your favorite tunes to start your day. Or you can listen to your favorite podcast or catch up on your latest audiobook as you unwind after a long day.

Now all of a sudden, showers don’t waste time. They become productive. If you want to look forward to your daily shower, consider shower speakers.

If you’ve never heard of a shower speaker before, it can be hard to buy the right one. Keep reading to learn what’s important when choosing a shower speaker, and what the top waterproof shower speakers are. 

What are Speakers for the Shower?

Shower speakers are used inside your shower. That’s right, under the water with you.

If you’ve ever tried listening to music or podcasts while showering before, you’ve likely stored your phone nearby in the bathroom. But due to the pouring water and separation from the thick shower curtain, it can be hard to hear.

And if you try using normal speakers in your bathroom or bedroom, you have to turn them up loud enough to hear in the shower. This is fine if you live alone, but will bother anyone else in the house.

Shower speakers solve this by allowing you to bring your music into the shower with you. Bluetooth functionality allows you to stream music, audiobooks, or podcasts from your phone or computer. And they are typically USB rechargeable, making them wireless.

So when you use your speaker in the shower, you won’t have to turn it up as loud, since it’s right next to you. So no more roommates pounding on the bathroom door telling you to turn your music down at six in the morning.

How to Choose Waterproof Shower Speakers

Excited to make bath time a bit more fun? Well, not all shower speakers are created equally. They each have different functions and features. Here’s what to consider when buying a speaker for the shower.

Sound Quality

One of the most important aspects of shower speakers to consider is sound quality. As with any type of speaker, the cheaper it costs, the lower the sound quality.

Most shower speakers can fit in the palm of your hand. They are meant to be used in a small, enclosed bathroom. Therefore, they don’t need to be loud.

But a good speaker will ensure music sounds good. And if you are listening to podcasts or audiobooks, you want to ensure crystal clear audio that doesn’t get muffled or distorted. So if you’re picky about sound quality, you’ll want a higher-quality speaker.

Some shower speakers also allow you to connect two speakers to your device to utilize surround sound.

Battery Life

Most shower speakers are USB rechargeable, making it easy to keep them charged up regularly. But you still want a speaker with long-lasting battery life.

A quality speaker can play for up to 8 hours or more on a single charge, so you won’t need to recharge it more than once a week.

Water Resistance

Electronics that are classified as waterproof or water-resistant are given a classification of an IP rating. For example, a rating of IP4 would mean an electronic is protected against light splashing.

For speakers to be considered waterproof and safe for use in the shower, a minimum rating of IP7 is necessary. This would mean it’s safe from all splashing from your adjustable showerhead and can be safely submerged in up to 3 feet of

Call Functionality

How many important calls have you missed because you were in the shower, blissfully unaware? Many Bluetooth shower speakers offer call functionality, allowing you to take calls without getting out of the shower.

The speakers include a microphone so you can communicate. Though you may want to think twice about answering a call from your boss while bathing.

LED Display

Some speakers come with an LED display, which shows you the time, the battery level, and what input setting you are using. If you take long showers and would benefit from a clock, make sure to choose a speaker with a display.


Not only can shower speakers create an audible ambiance, but they can also set the mood visually. Many speakers come with lights, that change colors or match the beat of your song.

This can make for a more relaxing bath at the end of the day.


Just because it’s a speaker meant for the shower doesn’t mean it has to stay there. A good speaker can be used in different ways.

Most shower speakers come with a suction cup so that they can hold to the shower door or wall. Some speakers can also float. This means you can use it in the pool or hot tub as well.

And if you want a speaker you can take with you on a bike ride, choose one the comes with a lanyard or connection so you can secure it your bag or bike. 

The Best Waterproof Shower Speakers

Now that you have an idea of what shower speakers are capable of, let’s take a look at some popular options. These are the top six shower speakers available today.

Motast Bluetooth Waterproof IP7 Shower Speaker

No products found.

The Motast Shower Speaker is one of the most affordable speakers you can get. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to hang on your shower wall with the attached suction cup.

There are six buttons on the face of the speaker, giving you complete control while in the shower. Easily play or pause your music, adjust the volume, skip the song, or switch between FM radio and Bluetooth modes. You can also choose between seven different colored lights to elevate your bathroom atmosphere.

With a built-in mic, you can answer phone calls and communicate directly through your speakers. Simply press the “Play” button to answer a call.

These speakers also allow for surround sound, as you can pair it with another speaker. When played at half-volume, you can get about seven hours on a single charge. To charge the speaker, will take four hours.

And with an IP7 rating, this speaker is completely safe in your shower or pool up to three feet deep.

BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Shower Speaker with LED Display

No products found.

The BassPal Shower Speaker offers a multifunctional LED display. Stay in the know with a clock and battery-life indicator.

This speaker also provides an actual light show. The LED halo light within the speaker pulses and shines with the beat of your music, giving you a truly immersive atmosphere. You can set it to display just one color or allow it to cycle through all seven.

This IP7 speaker will survive in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. But don’t drag it down. The BassPal speaker will float in your bath, hot tub, or pool so that the fun never stops.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, you’ll enjoy instant pairing with your devices. And it allows for surround sound, creating a left and right channel when paired with another speaker.

When cranking up the volume, you won’t notice and fuzz or distortion, thanks to the high-quality speaker.

HOTT Bluetooth Shower Speaker

No products found.

The HOTT Bluetooth Shower Speaker offers an upgraded, modern design that will look good in any bathroom. Featuring a smooth, gray finish, this luxury speaker is much more elegant than others on this list.

The LED display shows the time, battery life, current volume level, and the mode selected. Use any of the six buttons to take control of your speaker as well as answer incoming phone calls.

The Bluetooth 5.0 allows for one-time pairing, keeping your device paired automatically. This keeps you from having to connect each time, as with older Bluetooth devices.

The HOTT speaker provides HD sound quality thanks to strong output power and dual audio drivers. And the built-in microphone blocks most of the shower noise so you can communicate clearly.

But while this speaker is safe from splashes in the shower, it is not intended to be submersed in water.

KGG Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speakers

No products found.

Looking for a shower speaker that makes a statement? The KGG Shower Speaker sports a unique look with a cracked, LED backlight design. The “cracks” glow with changing colors, resembling lightning, making this one of the coolest shower speakers you can get.

This IP7 speaker can handle any water you throw at it and Bluetooth 5.0 makes pairing devices a breeze. When using FM radio, you can save up to 30 stations for easy scrolling.

The LED display only shows the time, but the long-lasting battery and ultra-lightweight make this a solid speaker.

Soundbot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker

No products found.

Looking for the most affordable shower speakers you can get? The Soundbot SB510 comes in multiple different colors for a simple audio experience.

No frills included with this speaker; no lights and no LED display. Plus, it only comes with Bluetooth 3.0 instead of 5.0. But what it lacks in features, it makes up in terms of sound quality, a risk-free warranty, and a super low price tag.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

No products found.

The iFox iF012 Shower Speaker comes with a durable, clean design. It keeps the speaker’s face simple without a display but makes it easy to control the speaker.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and the highest waterproof certification, this small speaker is worth consideration. Especially since the battery can last up to 10 hours. And it only takes three hours to achieve a full charge.

It includes a built-in hook at the top, allowing you to clip this speaker to your purse, backpack, bike, or anything else that needs music.

Make Showers Great Again

Waterproof shower speakers are very affordable. Use them to wake up in the morning or wind down in the evening. There’s no reason not to add one to your bathroom so you can enjoy showering like never before.

Looking for other ways to make showering the best experience possible? Then replacing your shower head is your next step. Check out the best high-pressure showerheads here.

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6 Best Shower Caddies For Your Bathroom​ Sun, 11 Oct 2020 20:18:15 +0000 Your morning shower is a multistep event. Without even realizing it, most of us have a created a successful shower routine that requires very little thinking. Keeping your shower items organized and within reach with a shower caddy makes your time in the shower efficient and effortless. We’ve rounded up ...

Read More6 Best Shower Caddies For Your Bathroom

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Your morning shower is a multistep event. Without even realizing it, most of us have a created a successful shower routine that requires very little thinking. Keeping your shower items organized and within reach with a shower caddy makes your time in the shower efficient and effortless. We’ve rounded up the 10 best shower caddies for your bathroom to keep your shower tidy and organized with a solution for every style of shower and bathroom. We love the hanging shower head organizer by Simple Housewares the best.

Simple Houseware Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer

Best Value

  • No installation required

  • Two wire shelves and two hooks allow for lots of storage

  • Suction cups prevent the caddy from swinging

KINCMAXZ Shower Caddy Basket Shelf

Best contemporary look

  • Easy to install directly to your shower wall with a powerful adhesive strip

  • Movable hooks

  • Large storage capacity (great for shared shower space)

Trustlife Bathrom Shower Corner Caddy

Best use of space

  • Adhesive stickers are guaranteed to last for five years, and two additional stickers are included

  • Bath products stay clean and dry with maximum ventilation and drainage

SONGMICS Constant Tension Shower Caddy

Best for multiple users

  • Four trays, three hooks, and a towel hanging bar

  • Tray heights are adjustable

FANHAO Shower Caddy Basket with Hooks

Best versatility

  • Unique staircase design

  • Moveable hooks

  • Holds up to 15 lbs

Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy

Best adjustability

  • Designed specifically for handheld shower hoses

  • Four baskets slide outwards and allow for tall bottles

  • Built in razor holders and hooks for storage

How to choose the best shower caddy?

First things first. What kind of shower do you have? An over the shower head caddy works best for a small shower space. If you have a shower within a bathtub, we recommend a corner unit either with suction cups for easy installation. The best option for a shared shower space with multiple family members is a unit with four shelves that are adjustable in height.

Aren’t all shower caddies the same?

It’s important to consider who is using this caddy. Adults will have no problem reaching items in a unit that goes over the shower head, or a shelf attached to the wall. Children will need a unit that has shelves at a suitable height like the SONGMICS Constant Tension Shower Caddy or their own shelf attached to the wall at the appropriate height.

Do I really need a shower caddy?

If the product line-up in your shower exceeds four items, then yes, you need a shower caddy. Water can accumulate under your bottles. A shower caddy allows for drainage and ventilation. Many offer hooks for bath accessories and holder for razors which helps extend the lifespan of your blade.

Does a shower caddy interfere with cleaning?

Most of the shower caddies we reviewed are removable. Over the shower head caddies allow for the easiest removal for cleaning.

What is the lifespan of a shower caddy?

With proper care and cleaning, a shower caddy should last for several years. Many of the units we reviewed, like the Trustlife Bathroom Shower Corner Caddy, come with adhesive or suction cups with a five year guarantee and include additional adhesive or suction cups for extended use.

Do I need to worry about rust?

We’ve taken careful consideration to highlight shower caddies for your bathroom designed with materials that will not rust. Always look for a unit made with chrome, stainless-steel, or satin nickel.

How do I know where to place my shower caddy?

Corner units and over the shower head caddies are designed to be placed out of the direct spray of the shower. When placing a shelf with suction cups or an adhesive sticker, it’s important to consider where your showerhead is pointing. Avoid placement in the direct stream of water. This will also ensure the unit stays attached to the wall.

Will my shower hose get in the way?

Shower caddy design has evolved to enhance contemporary shower head design. This includes units that work with a shower hose, like the Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy. The baskets extend to accommodate any size of shower hose.

The Winner Is

The simplicity and value of the Simple Houseware Bathroom Hanging Shower Head Caddy Organizer makes it a clear winner.


The ease of removal to clean the shower and the ample storage space, including hooks and razor holders, satisfies all of our shower caddy needs. If the storage capacity of this unit does not feel like enough, our second choice is the SONGMICS Constant Tension Shower Caddy which provides shelving for multiple products and users.


The bathroom should be a place of calm and keeping your bath products organized is the easiest way to create a peaceful space.

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Proof That a Rain Shower System is Right For You​ Sun, 11 Oct 2020 19:34:25 +0000 It’s time to elevate your shower set up by taking a cue from nature. A rain shower system is the easiest and most affordable solution providing the indisputable calmness of soft rain each and every day. The warm gentle rain has an incredible calming effect on your mind and body. ...

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It’s time to elevate your shower set up by taking a cue from nature. A rain shower system is the easiest and most affordable solution providing the indisputable calmness of soft rain each and every day. The warm gentle rain has an incredible calming effect on your mind and body. We’ve rounded up the top ten rain shower systems. With simple installation on some of the units we reviewed, your shower can feel like a spa.

PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System

Best Overall

  • Includes a rain shower head and hand-held shower hose

  • Retrofit your shower without an expensive remodel

  • Available in many finishes including brushed nickel, matte black, and polished chrome

KES Shower System with 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head

Best Oversized

  • 12” ultrathin adds a luxurious feel to your shower

  • Advanced pressure balanced ceramic disc cartridge maintains a constant water temperature

  • Simultaneous flow out design provides smooth and easy function switching from the rain shower to the handheld unit

HOMELODY Shower System with Valve Shower Faucet Set 10" Roud Rain Shower head

Best Looking

  • Ultrathin design gives this rain shower head a modern and sleek feel

  • Easily switch shower modes while maintaining water temperature

  • Simple installation transforms your shower space in less than 30 minutes

SunCleanse Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set with Adjustable Extension Arm

Best Versatility

  • Adjustable extension arm makes this unit work for everyone

  • 180 degree height adjustable rain shower head

  • One of the only systems made of solid brass and stainless steel

Sarlai Double Rain Hotel Spa Brushed Nickel Bathroom Combo

Best Value

  • Easy to install without remodelling your bathroom

  • Affordable unit that completely transform your showering experience

  • Handheld shower head has five different modes

You’ve decided to turn your bathroom into a spa with a Rain Shower System. Where to begin?

Retrofit vs Renovation

Simply replacing your current shower head is straightforward especially when you invest in a unit like the PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System which connects to your water supply at the current shower head height. A renovated bathroom opens up the option for a sleek and contemporary looking system like the KES Shower System with 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head.

My showerhead is too low.

We found the perfect solution for an existing shower head that requires the user to crouch down. The SunCleanse Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set with Adjustable Extension Arm with its 180 degree height adjustable rain shower accommodates even the tallest users.

Temperature Adjustment and Control

Each of the rain shower systems we reviewed include a handheld unit which allows for a diverse shower experience. You have the option of using the rain shower or handheld unit exclusively, or simultaneously. When adjusting the water from either unit, both the water temperature and water pressure are controlled to avoid scalding the user.

Variety of Finishes

We love the PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System for its offering of finishes, including matte black which modernizes any shower space. This unit can also be purchased in brushed gold, brushed nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome.

Calm Your Body and Mind

Warm water is both therapeutic and stress relieving. A rain shower system has the ability to calm your body and mind. Simply stand beneath the gentle soft rain and let your stresses wash away. The oversized 12” rain shower head by KES Shower System with 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head offers the most authentic indoor rainfall.

Let it Rain

Your shower space should feel like a retreat. An escape from the stresses of everyday life. The addition of a rain shower system to your bathroom is guaranteed to transform your experience. Allow the warm gentle rain to release the tension in your mind and body. The PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System is the only system that earned 5 stars from us with it’s easy installation into your existing shower and for its variety of finishes. A close runner up is the SunCleanse Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set with Adjustable Extension Arm. While it requires a new or remodelled shower, the adjustable extension arm made this unit the most versatile and accommodating for all users.

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The Pros and Cons of an Exposed Shower System​ Wed, 07 Oct 2020 13:16:46 +0000 Are you looking to refurbish the look and feel of your bathroom without doing extensive renovation work? Or maybe you are in search of an ergonomic, modern shower system to create the bathroom of your dreams? Whether yours is a shower or a bathtub, you can quickly and affordably transform ...

Read MoreThe Pros and Cons of an Exposed Shower System

The post The Pros and Cons of an Exposed Shower System appeared first on Shower Island.


Are you looking to refurbish the look and feel of your bathroom without doing extensive renovation work? Or maybe you are in search of an ergonomic, modern shower system to create the bathroom of your dreams?

Whether yours is a shower or a bathtub, you can quickly and affordably transform your bathroom with an exposed shower system.  Exposed shower systems are a recent interior design trend that is transforming bathrooms. There is a wide range of modern, high tech exposed shower systems to choose from for your bathroom.

What is an Exposed Shower System?

An exposed shower system has wiring, valves, and main fittings installed on top of the tiles/wall. The most straightforward exposed shower set consists of a showerhead, pipping to the showerhead, and a shower knob. However, it can have a handheld showerhead instead of the overhead showerhead or both.

Exposed shower systems utilize a mixing mechanism to regulate the temperature of the water. While some exposed shower systems have a mixer, others have a two-lever mixer, while others have a thermostat mixer.

An exposed single lever shower mixer allows you to set your desired water temperature with a simple lever adjustment.

On the other hand, an exposed two handle mixer has two taps/levers. One tap regulates the flow of hot water while the other tap/lever regulates cold water flow. You adjust each tap’s flow to ensure the water leaving the spout is at your desired temperature.

While an exposed thermostat mixer has a technically sophisticated design that works to regulate the water temperature. One of the top benefits of a thermostat mixer is that you don’t have to worry about sudden fluctuation of the water temperature, or having to reset the water temperature at every shower.

Pros of Exposed Shower Systems

Easy to Install

The top benefit of exposed shower systems is how easy they are to install. Since the shower system is installed on top of the wall, the installation process is less complicated hence cheaper and quicker.


Cheaper to Install

Generally, the cost of installing an exposed shower system is significantly lower compared to the cost of installing a concealed shower set.


Ease of Applicability

Exposed shower systems can be installed on a wide range of walls, including bricks and tiles. The wall’s depth does matter, unlike in the case of concealed shower sets whereby the wall needs to be deep to allow for wiring and pipping.


Easy to Fix

If an exposed shower set has an electrical or a plumbing issue, it is easier and cheaper to fix as the entire wiring and piping are exposed above the wall. Besides, exposed shower system faults are less destructive. For instance, if there is a leak, it will pour into the tub or floor instead of sipping through the walls.



Limited Design Options

If not well thought through, the exposed piping and fittings may not fit well with the existing bathroom style/feel.


May Compromise on Neatness

The exposed shower pipes may look clumsy if not correctly installed or if the pipes are too many.


May Take Up Too Much Space

Exposed shower systems may not be ideal for small bathrooms as the pipping may take up too much space.

When Are Exposed Shower Systems Most Ideal?

Exposed shower systems are a good fit if:


  • You are looking for a quick and affordable way to upgrade your bathroom without ripping off your walls.


  • Your current concealed shower system has been having consistent plumbing issues that result in your walls being constantly ripped off, and you want to replace it.


  • You are looking for an easy to install yet beautiful shower systems to create a bathroom of your dreams.


All you have to do is find an exposed shower system that fits the feel you aspire for and your budget. Then, contract the services of a professional and reputable plumber to have it installed.

Tips for Styling Your Bathroom with an Exposed Shower System

Exposed shower systems work well as accentuating elements for various bathroom interior designs. You can go for diverse looks ranging from traditional, modern, contemporary, and minimalist, among others. Here are some styling tips:

  • Bring out a traditional feel with a brass exposed shower set
  • Install silver-colored shower sets on white or grey tiles for a clean contemporary style
  • If you are into parallelism, install an exposed shower system with paired pipes
  • Copper exposed shower sets bring out an elaborate industrial feel
  • A simplistic shower set is ideal for a minimalistic look

Tips for Buying an Exposed Shower System

  1. Consider the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, you will need a short and simplistic exposed shower system. While with a big bathroom, you can go all out with features such as big shower heads, paired pipes, long showerhead pipes, and additional shower system fixtures.
  2. Decide on the type of mixer you most prefer and buy a shower system that incorporates it.
  3. Ensure that the shower set is compatible with your water pressure and flow.
  4. Consider the design of your bathroom and choose a shower system that fits well with it.
  5. Check reviews and ratings for the exposed shower systems in your consideration to ensure that they are of good quality.
  6. Choose an exposed shower system that is within your budget.

Exposed shower systems are not only easy to install and repair, but they also fit well with a wide range of bathroom designs. Whether you are looking for a simple, low budget exposed shower system, or a high-tech, luxurious one that fits well with your sophisticated bathroom interior design, there is a wide range of exposed shower systems to choose from in the market.

Make sure to think through your functionality and style needs to ensure you purchase a shower system that is compatible with your water flow and pressure, as well as the feel of your bathroom.

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The Most Popular Shower Panel Systems​ Wed, 07 Oct 2020 12:53:15 +0000 Shower panels are not only functional, but they also add a touch of luxury, comfort, and sophistication to your bathroom. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and prices. While some shower panels have standard features such as the showerheads and body massage jets, others have ...

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Shower panels are not only functional, but they also add a touch of luxury, comfort, and sophistication to your bathroom. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and prices. While some shower panels have standard features such as the showerheads and body massage jets, others have advanced functions such as an integrated MP3 player, a steam function, and inbuilt thermostatic control.

With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down to one shower panel system. This article outlines the factors to consider when choosing a shower panel system, and the top 5 Shower Panel systems on Amazon to help you make a purchase decision quickly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shower Panel System

  1. Size.  Consider your bathroom size and think through the size of a shower panel that would be ideal for it.
  2. Feel and style of your bathroom. This comes in mostly when deciding on the color and material of your shower panel. For instance, a brass panel will bring out an industrial feel while a stainless-steel panel will fit well in minimalistic bathroom design.
  3. Budget. There is a wide range of prices to choose from. Choose a panel that meets your needs while being within your budget.
  4. Installation. Some panels require expert plumbing services to install will others are designed to retrofit.
  5. Warranty. Some panels do not indicate any warranty terms while others offer a 1-3 year warranty. Opt for a panel system that comes with a warranty.
  6. Features and functionalities. Determine what are your must-have functionalities in your shower panel system and choose one that has those features.

Our Picks

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

This particular wall mounted ELLO & ALLO shower tower panel stands out for its elegant design. The panel’s tower is made of stainless steel, while the faucet material is brass. The hand shower is made from engineering grade plastic while the shower hose is made from chrome. The entire panel system has a brushed nickel finish. All the materials are highly durable.

It has multiple LED functions, including a built-in LED temperature display and an LED waterfall showerhead. The rainfall showerhead has a blue light feature that comes on when the water starts flowing, giving the panel system a spa-like feeling.

The LED rainfall showerhead and waterfall shower head also have a handheld showerhead, 2-settings highly powered massage jets, and a tub spout. You can operate two shower settings at a go using the multi-outlet switches.

Besides the high-tech features, the ELLO & ALLO shower panel comes with a limited 2-year parts warranty as long as you buy from an authorized distributor.

• A wide range of showerheads
• 6 function modes
• Premium LED temperature display
• LED rainfall and waterfall showerheads
• Highly durable


• Requires advanced plumping skills to install
• Limited to only two functions as a time

Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

The ROVOGO 304 shower panel tower is a premium quality panel made of stainless steel. It is made from 304-grade stainless steel that is rust and corrosion-resistant. The brushed stainless-steel finish gives it a distinct decorative feel without it being excessively reflective.

It has three water functions inclosing an 8-inch rainfall waterhead, a 5-function handheld showerhead, and six massage jets. The handheld showerhead has a long hose pipe to allow you to get to the hard-to-reach places with ease.

It is also fitted with an anti-limescale function that, once activated, removes any excess minerals or residues instantly. To start the limescale function, press on the button in the middle of the showerhead.

• Easy to install
• Highly durable
• Anti-lime scale function
• 6 massage jets
• 5 function handheld showerhead

• Doesn’t have a waterfall showerhead
• Does not have a temperature display

Blue Ocean 52" Aluminum Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head

The Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M shower panel tower frame is made of aluminum alloy. Its lightweight yet sturdy design makes it ideal for flat wall mounting.

The water panel comes with four water outlets, including an overhead showerhead, a handheld showerhead, tub spout, and eight adjustable body massage nozzles. You can control the water temperature and flow using the control valve.

Besides, it has a battery-powered LED temperature display to help you set your desired water temperature.

• Lightweight
• Easy to install
• Durable
• Multiple functions
• Temperature display

• It cannot operate two or more outlets simultaneously

Senlesen Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

The Senlesen Stainless steel shower panel tower system is made of brass and has a brushed nickel finish. Its handle is made of Zinc alloy while the handheld showerhead and holder are plastic. It comes with all the necessary accessories for an easy install.

It has five water outlets, including a waterfall showerhead, a handheld shower, a tub spout, a horizontal massage spray, and a rainfall showerhead.  All five water functions can be operated using the adjustable knob. The LED function is powered by water flow rather than electricity. It has a temperature display to assist you in setting your preferred water temperature.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with all the installation accessories.
  • 5 different water functions


  • Noisy water flow

PULSE ShowerSpas Aloha System

The Pulse ShowerSpas Aloha system is built for easy mounting in any shower without extensive plumbing work. The stainless-steel panel is fitted with chrome fixtures, while the handheld shower hose is made of stainless steel.

It has an 8-inch showerhead, two adjustable pulsating body jets, and a three functions handheld showerhead. All shower outlets have soft tips that incorporate the Straight Spray technology for optimal performance.

The panel is fitted with a brass diverter that you use to select a function. You can operate the functions independently or two at a time.

• Easy to install
• 5-function handheld showerhead.
• Adjustable body jets

• No temperature display



A shower panel system will not only transform your bathroom, but it will also offer you a refreshing and relaxing showering experience. Review our top picks above and choose a shower panel system that has the features that you want.

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Is a Barn Door Shower Door Right for You? Our Top Recommendations​ Wed, 07 Oct 2020 12:41:47 +0000 When designing your bathroom, it can be challenging to decide which type of door is best for you. The barn shower door has, over the last decade, become one of the go-to options for bathrooms. It is particularly a great option if you are looking for a way to incorporate ...

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When designing your bathroom, it can be challenging to decide which type of door is best for you. The barn shower door has, over the last decade, become one of the go-to options for bathrooms.

It is particularly a great option if you are looking for a way to incorporate a frameless shower door without taking up too much space.

Operation Mechanism of Barn Shower Doors

The barn shower door incorporates the frameless sliding door system. A barn shower door comprises two frameless glass panels: a fixed wall glass panel and a sliding door panel. 

The sliding door panel is attached to a header using rollers that allow it to slide back and forth for opening and closing.

Pros of a Barn Shower Door


  • Save space. Unlike swinging doors that need extra space to open and close, barn shower doors slide within their tracts.


  • Barn shower doors can fit in with most bathroom interior designs.


  • Easy and light to open. Since the tracts and rollers support the sliding door panel’s weight, you need not put too much energy when opening it.


  • They add to the aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.


Cons of a Barn Shower Door


  • If not well installed, they may be noisy when opening and closing.

Who is the Barn Shower Door Right for?

Barn shower doors are right for you if you are looking for a functional yet fun and beautiful shower door that does not take up too much space. A barn door shower door goes well with almost any interior design look. 

If you have been searching for affordable and durable frames shower door option, then the barn shower doors could be an excellent option for you.

Over the years, glass door manufacturers have continued to renovate to ensure that glass doors are strong and durable. Most barn shower doors are made with tempered glass. 

Some manufacturers enforce the tempered glass with safe film to prevent shattering in the event of breakage. Other barn shower doors have chrome finish or colored finish to meet the various styling needs for homeowners. 

Some barn shower doors allow for reversible installation, which gives you control over which side of the bathroom you would like to open.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Barn Shower Door

  1. Size of your bathroom. There are different sizes of barn shower doors available to suit various bathroom sizes. Measure the dimensions of your bathroom door to determine the right size of the barn shower door to purchase.
  2. Plumbing. Are you doing a total revamp of your bathroom, or do you only want to install a barn door shower door? Consider that some barn shower doors do not allow for out-of-plumb adjustment.

  3. Ease of installation. Consider whether you prefer to DIY or have a professional plumber install your barn shower. While some ban showers are designed with features such as flex sizing technology for easy installation, others do not have such technology, and you may need professional help to install.
  4. Prices. Barn shower doors prices vary depending on the manufacturer and the specifications of the door. Consider whether you want a standard barn shower door whose prices are lower or a luxurious barn shower door on the high-end price range.
  5. Style and feel. Different barn shower door colors and finishes go well with different styles. Think about the feel and style you want for your bathroom and go for a door that fits well with it.

Our Top Recommendations

Woodbridge Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door

 The Woodbridge frameless sliding glass shower door is a luxurious barn shower door made with tempered glass with a chrome finish.


The tempered glass is bonded with a safety film to ensure shatter retention in case of breakage. It is fitted with large stainless-steel rollers that allow for smooth, quiet, and effortless sliding of the door panel. It also has an anti-splash threshold for preventing spillage.


The Woodbridge barn shower door comes with a lifetime warranty on glass components and a 2-year warranty on hardware components. The door panel is reversible; therefore, you can install it to open on either the left or right side.


  • Easy to clean
  • Reversible
  • Easy to open
  • Shatter retention
  • Lifetime warranty of glass components.



  • You may require extra help with installation as the glass panels are quite heavy.

VIGO Elan Sliding Barn Shower Door

The VIGO Elan sliding barn shower door is bigger than the Woodbridge glass barn door; hence, it is an excellent option for over-sized bathrooms. 

It has a high-end design and is a modern barn shower door made of tempered glass.

 Its accessories, such as the handles and header are made with 304 stainless steel.

The sliding door is designed for easy installation.  It has a flex sizing technology and roller disc technology that make it easy to slide the door into its tracts. It also has a seal strip to prevent water spillage outside the bathroom.



  • Heavy, sturdy door
  • Elegant look and finish
  • Flex sizing technology
  • Reversible
  • Roller disc technology
  • Easy to install


  • Low rail
  • Too heavy for one person to install

Dreamline Enigma Barn Shower Door

The luxurious and modern Dreamline Enigma barn shower door is designed for a spacious and open feel. 

The panels are made with thick tempered glass reinforced with a water and stain-resistant coating, while its hardware components have a brushed stainless-steel finish.

It incorporates wide wheels for easy sliding.

• Supports reversible installation
• Large shower door roller wheels
• Heavy and sturdy
• Anti-splash threshold

• Does not have room for adjustment for out-of-plumb walls
• Requires at least two people to install

Barn shower doors are the latest entrant in bathroom interior design, and they are here to stay. If you are looking for a stylish yet functional way to upgrade your bathroom, they are a great option to consider, especially in small bathroom spaces.

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How to Properly Install Shower Door Rollers​ Wed, 07 Oct 2020 12:36:09 +0000 Shower door rollers ensure that your shower door moves seamlessly when opening or closing it. If not correctly installed or worn out, they can cause grinding noises when sliding the door. Different manufacturers provide specific installation instructions for their shower door rollers.  However, the basic procedure for installation or replacement ...

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Shower door rollers ensure that your shower door moves seamlessly when opening or closing it. If not correctly installed or worn out, they can cause grinding noises when sliding the door.

Different manufacturers provide specific installation instructions for their shower door rollers.  However, the basic procedure for installation or replacement is similar for most shower door rollers with an easy out-of-plumb adjustment. Usually, the process of installing shower door rollers is simple enough for you to do it yourself.

First-Time Installation of Shower Door Rollers

For a first-time installation of shower door rollers, you need not worry about whether the rollers are a good match for your door as the shower door is packaged together with the rollers upon delivery. Below are the steps for installing your shower door roller.

What you will need:


  • The shower door rollers
  • Screwdriver

1. Identify the panel’s top and bottom side and the front-facing and back-facing side of the panel

The outside panel is the one facing the shower or bathroom. Also, identify designated areas for fitting the rollers. Usually, the shower panels have holes at the bottom and top where the roller will be installed.


2. Prep the roller for installation

Remove the screw cover on each roller and unscrew the roller, ensuring you place the screws safely to avoid getting lost. Clean the roller channels to confirm that no debris that could make the sliding of the rollers difficult.


3. Install the rollers

The nut-side of the roller is installed against the panel. When installing the rollers, ensure that the outside of the roller faces the outside panel’s room and the shower for the inside panel.


Now, fix the roller channel over the panel, ensuring the screw slot aligns with the panel’s roller hole. Hold the roller firmly on the panel and screw the nut securely. Replace the screw cover. Do this for all the rollers on each panel.


4. Reposition the shower door panel back into its frame

Most of the rollers have a spring mechanism that allows you to clip the rollers in and out of the door frame. Once all the rollers are well-positioned into the frame, slide the panels back and forth to ensure that it is sliding smoothly. If need be, adjust the fit into the frame by adjusting the screw at the roller’s bottom.

Replacing a Shower Door Roller

If your shower door roller is faulty, you may need to replace it with a new one. Here are some signs that your shower door roller needs replacing:

  • The shower door keeps falling off its tracts
  • The door makes noise when sliding
  • The rollers are too loose
  • One or more rollers are broken
  • If the shower door rollers have obvious signs of tear and wear

Below is the procedure for replacing your shower door rollers.


What you will need:


  • Replacement rollers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Silicone lubricant (optional)

1. Buy the right replacement shower door rollers

You will need to provide your local home improvement store with your shower door model, dimensions, and edge type to find matching shower door rollers. While some online websites offer free parts matching, you could also determine the right replacement by yourself.


Pay attention to the current shower door rollers? Are they single-wheeled or double-wheeled? Do they have a quick-release functionality or not?


Stick with the current type of roller unless your door frame is compatible with another or allows for an upgrade. For instance, while your shower door may originally have been fitted with a single wheel roller, some may allow for an upgrade to double-wheeled rollers. However, while upgrading to a doubled wheeled roller would have your door slide more smoothly, if the double-wheeled roller is not compatible with your door, then it won’t work.


Measure the size of the current door roller wheel to determine the size of the replacement wheel accurately. In most cases, the size of the shower door roller wheel is in mm. Remove one of the old rollers and measure its diameter to know which size to buy for the replacement. Although the old shower door roller may have noticeable signs of wear, it is unlikely that the abrasion may have significantly changed the wheels’ size.


2. Remove the shower door from the frame

Slightly lift the shower door upwards and outwards to take bottom rollers off the frame. Then, remove the entire door from the frame and safely place it down.


3. Remove the faulty shower door rollers

Remove the screw covers and unscrew all the rollers then pull them off from the roller.


4. Replace the faulty rollers with new ones

Remove the screw covers from the new rollers. Clean the roller channel to get rid of any debris. Then, position the new rollers on the panels and screw them securely.


5. Position the shower door back in its frame

Snap the bottom rollers into the frame tract. Once well positioned, slightly but firmly push the panel downwards to allow the top rollers to snap into the top track. Slide the shower door back and forth to ensure it is working correctly. Ensure that the door fits well on both the bottom and top tracts to prevent it from popping out of the frame or falling.

If the roller channel makes a clenching sound against the panel, consider applying some silicone lubricant for smooth sliding. If that doesn’t work, you might have wrongly installed the shower door rollers, and you will need to reinstall. Or, you might have purchased the wrong size or type of replacement rollers.

Since rollers ensure that your shower door slides smoothly, it is paramount to keep them in tip-top condition. Ensure that they are well installed, and in case they become faulty, ensure to replace them promptly. Adhere to any manufacturer’s installation instructions specific to your particular model of shower door rollers. If need be, feel free to contact your local plumber to help you with the installation or replacement of your shower door rollers.

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