Frosted Glass Shower Doors – The Best Options and Reviews

Are you considering upgrading your shower door? There are key decisions you have to make before you purchase your shower door. If you settle on a glass shower door, you need to determine whether you want it to be clear or frosted.

What is a Frosted Glass Shower Door?

A frosted glass shower door is pitted on the glass panels to create a translucent surface. As a result, while the frosted glass door allows light into the bathroom, it blurs images ensuring privacy.

When are Frosted Glass Shower Doors a Great Option?

Frosted glass shower doors are a great option if you are looking for the modern, chic, and luxurious feel of a glass shower door with a touch of privacy. There are numerous styles and finishes to suit your preference. For instance, you can go for a more decorative feel with the patterned or colored frosted glass doors.  Or, you may opt for a crisp feel with a non-patterned frosted glass shower door.

Frosted glass shower doors are also ideal for shared spaces to ensure privacy. For instance, parents who struggle with kids walking in on them when in the bathroom will most definitely feel at home in a shower with a frosted glass door. They are also good if you live with a roommate and want to maintain your privacy when in the bathroom.

Frosted glass shower doors are also a great option if you find your bathroom too big, and you want to create the illusion of a smaller space. Besides, frosted glass showers work well if you don’t have a lot of time for cleaning. For instance, acid-etched or satin glass frosted doors are stain and dirt resistant.

Benefits of Frosted Glass Shower Doors

  • Privacy: Frosted glass shower doors offer obstruction for people outside the bathroom.


  • Wide range of styling options: Frosted doors are available in various designs ranging from plain to patterned. You can also choose between textured glass, hammered glass, and etched glass.


  • Easy to clean and maintain: Unlike clear tempered glass, frosted glass shower doors hide water droplets and stains, reducing the need to clean often. Even in instances when the frosted glass stains, usually, it is easy to clean. You can also reinforce stain resistance in your frosted glass shower doors using a sealer to keep dirt and stains off.


  • Low risk of mold or mildew manifestation: Due to the non-absorbent nature of glass, it does not harbor moisture, therefore, lowering the risk of mold growth.

Disadvantages of Frosted Glass Shower Doors

  • Creates an illusion of a smaller bathroom
  • The bathroom may appear darker. Frosted glass blocks light from entering the bathroom, making it seem darker

Our Recommendations for Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Below are our top recommendations for frosted glass doors.

Aston Cascadia

The Aston Cascadia is a frameless frosted glass shower door with a brush of stainless steel finish. It is available in different sizes with a width adjustability of 30 3/4 – 31 1/4”. The glass door is made of a 10mm thick frosted tempered glass. 

It incorporates the hinged door format that can be installed for a left or right entry as per your preference. Furthermore, the hinged door format allows you to walk through, in or out of the bathroom easily. To prevent leakage, the frameless glass door includes a full-length clear seal.

The Aston Cascadia frameless frosted glass door is a great choice if you are looking for a minimalist yet stylish finish for your bathroom.


  • Easy to install
  • Opens and closes easily
  • High-quality stainless steel handle
  • Durable premium frosted tempered glass
  • Sturdy hinges


  • Has a blue-green tint

Aston Belmore frosted shower Door

The Aston Belmore frosted shower door is hinged for a pivoting opening and closing mechanism. It has one fixed panel and a door panel. It allows for reversible installation with the option of a right or left door opening.

The Aston Belmore frosted shower door is hinged for a pivoting opening and closing mechanism. It has one fixed panel and a door panel. It allows for reversible installation with the option of a right or left door opening.

The frosted doors are made with 3/8-inch premium tempered glass with a chrome finish. StarCast is applied on the glass panel to make it stain-resistant and easy to clean. It can be easily cleaned with warm water, a piece of cloth, and some soap or detergent.

Furthermore, the frameless glass door has a seal that allows for up to an inch out-of-plumb adjustment. In addition, the full-length seal prevents water leakage outside the bathroom. It also reinforces the fixed panel on the wall.

• Out-of-plumb adjustment
• Space-saving
• Stain-resistant
• Full-length leakage seal
• Easy to clean and maintain


• Requires a professional to install

Ashton Langham frameless sliding Door

The Ashton Langham is a frameless sliding door made with frosted tempered glass. It constitutes four-wheel rollers for easy opening and closing of the door. It also has full-length seals to prevent water leakage.

The sliding door allows for reversible installation. You can choose between various glass and hardware finish. The frosted door fits well with different bathroom designs, including modern, luxurious, and minimalist. It is an excellent option for alcove style bathrooms.


  • Easy to open and close
  • Full length seals to prevent leakage
  • Fits well with different bathroom designs


  • Requires a professional to install

Sterling Meritor Frameless Sliding Door

The Sterling Meritor frameless sliding door is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The ¼ in. frosted glass door incorporates ComfortTrack technology to ensure the frameless glass panels sit well on the track. It is also designed for out-of-plumb adjustability.

Furthermore, it incorporates the CleanCoat technology that serves as a barrier between the glass panels and water, preventing staining. A bonus feature of the Sterling Meritor frosted glass door is that it includes two towel bars.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sliding door mechanism for easy opening and closing
  • Comes with tower bars



  • Requires a professional to install

If you particularly like glass shower doors, but you are also keen about your privacy while in the bathroom, then frosted glass shower doors are your best bet. There are many options to choose from to meet your style, including etched, satin, and patterned.

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