How to Remove a Shower Head the Right Way

Whether you are renovating your bathroom, moving into a new place, or just looking to change up the style of shower head you have, the first step in a new shower head is to remove the old one. Like anything in home renovation and repair, there is a right way to remove shower heads and doing it wrong could cause damage or an annoying setback.


We will walk you through the process of removing a shower head the right way in just a few easy steps, as well as providing information on tools and tricks to get the job done. It is a simple process and can be done by anyone with just a few tools.


Before beginning the steps of removing a shower head the right way, the water to the bathroom should be shut off to avoid doing unintended damage. Usually, the valve to shut off the water can be found underneath the sink. Once it is safely turned off, the process can start.

Try Manual Removal

The first step to try when removing a shower head is the simplest. Grab the base of the shower head with your hand and try to turn it counter clockwise. Depending on the kind of shower head installed, that could be all that is needed to detach it from the shower pipe.


Be careful not to bend the pipe itself, however. If turning it does not work, then you will need to use tools to avoid damaging the existing infrastructure.

Use a Tool

Often, the cause of a stuck pipe is simply that it has been worn in for years and will still be easy to remove with just a tool or two. Before going any further, one should try to fit a pair of pliers or a wrench to the base of the shower head, covering with a cloth if you want to avoid damaging the old shower head or the shower pipe itself.


Once your tool is properly fitted to the base, again attempt to turn counter clockwise and remove the shower head. With the extra leverage gained by using the pliers or wrench, it should easily detach from the pipe. If not, it is time to move onto step three.

Apply a Lubricant

As a result of having water consistently running through it over the course of its life, a shower head can be stuck to the pipe because of mineral deposits or dirt left from the water. To break down the deposits and remove a shower head the right way, a penetrating lubricant should be applied to the base.


A quick option is a spray of WD-40 or similar lubricants and then allowing it to sit for several hours before trying again. Alternatively, fill a bag with the white vinegar and safely attach it over the base of the shower head. After a few hours, remove the bag and again fit your pliers or wrench to the base and turn counter clockwise.


With the aid of white vinegar, WD-40, or another penetrating lubricant to loosen the mineral deposits at the base, it should turn with ease, and you will have removed your shower head just like that.


Once removed, it is likely time to replace the removed shower head. Most fixed shower heads, like the one removed, are easy to remove and replace. Which is the best to look for?

Choosing a New Shower Head

Kohler-Forte Single-Function Wall-Mount Shower Head

One of the most popular fixed shower heads is the Kohler-Forte Single-Function Wall-Mount Shower Head. A single-function fixed shower head, it is an extremely easy install and detach process, following the reverse process of removing a shower head the right way.


The most important thing to consider, and if you have gotten this far it should be confirmed, is that the shower head you are working with is a fixed shower head. Below are a few of the most popular fixed shower heads.

The Kohler-Forte shower head maximizes air and water mix for a powerful, even flow of water at 2.5 gallons per minute. With the perfect pressure, the Kohler-Forte is used in high-chain hotels, and it offers that relaxing experience in your own home.

Easy to install and even easier to enjoy, it is obvious why the Kohler-Forte shower head is a bestseller on Amazon.


Speakman Icon Fixed Shower Head

For a wider range of water flow options with your fixed shower head, another favourite is the Speakman Icon Fixed Shower Head. With an adjustable shower head, the Speakman Icon can go between flood and rain settings to give you the best experience.


The Speakman Icon allows the user to adjust the water’s flow rate for personal preference, able to be changed from 1.5 gallons per minute, all the way to 2.5 gallons per minute.

With a self-cleaning plunger setup, the Speakman Icon will also stop any mineral deposits from building up, allowing for a quick, easy clean or replacement later on. The plungers also help to build water pressure, making the Speakman Icon a perfect shower head for homes with low water pressure.


High Pressure Fix Shower Head HOPOPRO 5-Setting

For a more luxurious fixed shower head, consider the Amazon bestseller High Pressure Fixed Shower Head HOPOPRO 5-Setting. With five settings, including massage, rain and massage, rain, rain and mist, and mist, the HOPOPRO shower head allows for a relaxing experience for your preference.

Like the Speakman Icon, the HOPOPRO shower head has self-cleaning nozzles that do not allow for mineral deposits or dirt to build up inside. At 2.5 gallons per minute, the HOPOPRO provides perfect water pressure regardless of the setting chosen.


Any of the Kohler-Forte, Speakman Icon or HOPOPRO 5-Setting fixed shower heads allow for easy install, fixing onto the shower pipe and tightened on by twisting clockwise.

No matter the reason for switching up your shower head, a fixed shower head always allows for an easy process. To remove them the correct way, just be sure to again follow the steps above. First, try to simply turn the base counter clockwise, then using pliers or a wrench, or a lubricant if needed. 


By following these simple steps on how to remove a shower head the right way, you can clean or replace your shower head knowing your bathroom will safely remain intact.

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