Is a Ceiling Shower Head Right for You?

Is a ceiling shower head right for you? Experiencing a relaxing shower after that long and hectic schedule will help end your day better. You can relieve your stress as you feel that smooth, cascading water from a shower. However, you don’t necessarily have to go to a spa or have a staycation in a nice hotel to achieve this relaxing shower experience.

You can now simply install a ceiling shower head at your own home to experience that. Of course, you want something that is not great to look at visually but is also made of high-quality materials. Moreover, If you are installing it in a new bathroom or just a renovated one, you need to match it with your bathroom interiors too.

When purchasing a ceiling shower head, you have to consider the coverage, pressure, and material of the new shower head that you will install.

We prepared a list of some of the best ceiling shower heads that you can choose from!

Choosing the Right Ceiling Shower Head for You: What are Your Best Options?

Delta Faucet Single-Spray Rain Shower Head

This is an 8-5/8 inches wide ceiling shower head that offers one function – it is a full-body spray. It is full-body coverage that imitates rainfall and provides you with a more premium shower experience.

If you are all for that luxurious feel, then you will surely enjoy its steady and drenching rainfall with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. This design has four different and unique colors that you can choose from. Also, it is equipped with touch-screen spray holes that prevent calcium and lime build-up.

This kind of ceiling shower head is easier to clean and maintain. You won’t even have to use chemical cleaners anymore. You can simply wipe it down with a cloth to clean it. It is very easy to install on either the wall or shower ceiling, which makes it a much more versatile option for your shower.



KunMai Rainfall 12 Inches Square Shower Head for Bathroom Rain Shower Head

If you are looking for a shower head that can fit nicely into your bathroom, then this shower head is one of your best options. With this design, you can choose from three different sizes (8,10 and 12 inches) depending on your space.


The matte black design will also surely match and fit either a transitional or more modern bathroom style. Aside from that, it is made from corrosion-resistant solid brass, so it is very durable and reliable.

It has a 12 square rain shower with 144 soft silicone nozzles that are capable of self-cleaning. Hence, you don’t have to worry about clogging. Furthermore, it provides wide coverage of rain spray that can accommodate your whole body.



Moen - S112BN Waterhill One-Function 10-Inch Diameter Rainshower Shower head

The S112BN comes in four different colors: Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Oil-rubbed Bronze, and Polished Nickel. It also has a LifeShine brush finish that prevents tarnishing, corrosion, and flaking. It is one of the best options for achieving that spa-like experience because of its 10 inch “rainshower” design with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM.


Moreover, it has a wide diameter so it can surely accommodate your full body. It is also equipped with self-pressurizing technology for more consistent water pressure. Not only does it provide a luxurious shower experience, but its elegant and minimalist design also enhances your bathroom’s appearance. If you are looking for a more sophisticated looking shower head, then this one is for you.



hm Shower System,20 Inch(360 x 500 mm) LED Constant Temperature Ceiling Shower Set

This shower head is more on the high-end when it comes to a ceiling shower set. However, if you want to have a therapeutic and relaxing spa-like experience, then this one’s for you.

It features a variety of different shower functions, including rain shower, spa mist shower, hand LED shower, ceiling LED shower, and LED chromotherapy.

This ceiling shower head is quite different from your conventional shower heads; this is because it features adjustable and water-saving technology. It is also capable of temperature control. You can identify the temperature of water coming through the shower head by the color change of the LED light.



Power and Soul 190 4-Spray Shower head

This 7-1/2 inches diameter ceiling shower head features four adjustable shower settings. Those settings include the rain spray for warm and soothing shower rain, GROHE Rain O² for gentle rain, Bokoma spray if you want a relaxing massage, and the Jet setting for more powerful shower rain.  


Also, it is equipped with an advanced technology for precise and consistent water distribution.

In addition, its sleek and StarLight chrome finish prevents tarnishing. It stays neat and pristine. It also features the SpeedClean anti-lime system, which makes it easier to maintain by just simply wiping it.

The four spray patterns or settings that this shower head features can easily be switched with a single click. Surely, this ceiling shower head will enhance the overlook and ambience of your bathroom.




We’ve listed some of the best options for ceiling shower heads that you can choose from and purchase online. We sorted it according to the honest ratings and reviews of other customers like you. These are also some of the most in-demand products in the market right now.

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