Proof That a Rain Shower System is Right For You

It’s time to elevate your shower set up by taking a cue from nature. A rain shower system is the easiest and most affordable solution providing the indisputable calmness of soft rain each and every day. The warm gentle rain has an incredible calming effect on your mind and body. We’ve rounded up the top ten rain shower systems. With simple installation on some of the units we reviewed, your shower can feel like a spa.

PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System

Best Overall

  • Includes a rain shower head and hand-held shower hose

  • Retrofit your shower without an expensive remodel

  • Available in many finishes including brushed nickel, matte black, and polished chrome

KES Shower System with 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head

Best Oversized

  • 12” ultrathin adds a luxurious feel to your shower

  • Advanced pressure balanced ceramic disc cartridge maintains a constant water temperature

  • Simultaneous flow out design provides smooth and easy function switching from the rain shower to the handheld unit

HOMELODY Shower System with Valve Shower Faucet Set 10" Roud Rain Shower head

Best Looking

  • Ultrathin design gives this rain shower head a modern and sleek feel

  • Easily switch shower modes while maintaining water temperature

  • Simple installation transforms your shower space in less than 30 minutes

SunCleanse Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set with Adjustable Extension Arm

Best Versatility

  • Adjustable extension arm makes this unit work for everyone

  • 180 degree height adjustable rain shower head

  • One of the only systems made of solid brass and stainless steel

Sarlai Double Rain Hotel Spa Brushed Nickel Bathroom Combo

Best Value

  • Easy to install without remodelling your bathroom

  • Affordable unit that completely transform your showering experience

  • Handheld shower head has five different modes

You’ve decided to turn your bathroom into a spa with a Rain Shower System. Where to begin?

Retrofit vs Renovation

Simply replacing your current shower head is straightforward especially when you invest in a unit like the PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System which connects to your water supply at the current shower head height. A renovated bathroom opens up the option for a sleek and contemporary looking system like the KES Shower System with 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head.

My showerhead is too low.

We found the perfect solution for an existing shower head that requires the user to crouch down. The SunCleanse Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set with Adjustable Extension Arm with its 180 degree height adjustable rain shower accommodates even the tallest users.

Temperature Adjustment and Control

Each of the rain shower systems we reviewed include a handheld unit which allows for a diverse shower experience. You have the option of using the rain shower or handheld unit exclusively, or simultaneously. When adjusting the water from either unit, both the water temperature and water pressure are controlled to avoid scalding the user.

Variety of Finishes

We love the PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System for its offering of finishes, including matte black which modernizes any shower space. This unit can also be purchased in brushed gold, brushed nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome.

Calm Your Body and Mind

Warm water is both therapeutic and stress relieving. A rain shower system has the ability to calm your body and mind. Simply stand beneath the gentle soft rain and let your stresses wash away. The oversized 12” rain shower head by KES Shower System with 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head offers the most authentic indoor rainfall.

Let it Rain

Your shower space should feel like a retreat. An escape from the stresses of everyday life. The addition of a rain shower system to your bathroom is guaranteed to transform your experience. Allow the warm gentle rain to release the tension in your mind and body. The PULSE ShowerSpas Shower System is the only system that earned 5 stars from us with it’s easy installation into your existing shower and for its variety of finishes. A close runner up is the SunCleanse Brushed Nickel Shower Faucet Set with Adjustable Extension Arm. While it requires a new or remodelled shower, the adjustable extension arm made this unit the most versatile and accommodating for all users.

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