Guide to Best Shower Door Handles 4 Types– Which One is Right For You?

Every day, more homeowners are letting their preferences and tastes reflect in their bathrooms. It is not surprising to find different customizations and décors in shower door hardware as modern styles are introduced into these private enclosures.

If you are remodeling or adding a few touches to your shower, you might get stuck trying to decide what type of shower door handle to choose. One easy way to go about making your choice is to consider the overall décor of your bathroom.

You want to pick shower door handles that will blend in with other elements to give a themed appearance. For example, you may want to consider what types of handles you have on bathroom cabinets, what your faucet finishes and towel bars look like, and so on. 

Choosing a shower door handle that matches these different bathroom accessories will create an inviting and unified space.

Another thing to consider is the color or finish of a shower door handle. Picking a color is not as simple as saying, “I want a Nickel shower door handle,” or “I prefer brass.” Your shower door professional will want you to be specific about the exact shade of color you want. 

You can easily get drowned in the plethora of colors available for shower door handles. Here’s a small list to give you an idea:

That does not include the different varieties of stainless shower door handles, and the regular red, black, white, and other colors. But there is really no need to overthink which color to choose. 

Look around your shower or entire bathroom and stick with the existing colors that won’t be changing any time soon.

Recommended Shower Door Handles

In case you don’t already have one in mind, here are a few shower door handles you can choose from. 

Each of these handles is made from high-quality materials with excellent finishing. Consider selecting any of these that suits your overall bathroom décor.

We’ll not fail to mention that standard doorknobs are a no-no in the bathroom. Any door handle that requires turning and applying pressure in the wet environment of a shower is a disaster waiting to happen. Avoid such shower door handles.

In general, your tastes or preference has a lot to do with the types of handles you choose. For example, if you prefer stylish or ornate accessories, you can pick a quality large S-shape pull handle, such as the stainless steel TOGU TG-6026 pull handle.

The long pull handle provides a broader surface area for you to grab on comfortably. It is made from high-endurance 304-stainless steel to prevent stain, rust, and corrosion.

 The 18 inches mirror polished, 1mm thick steel handle fits perfectly into any glass, steel, timber, and solid wood doors.

It comes as a pair for back-to-back (inside and outside) installation. They are perfect for your shower as they do not lock the shower door, so there is no need to apply excessive force to open or close the door.

TOGU TG-6026 450mm/18 inches S-Shape Back to Back Stainless Steel Push Pull Door Handle for Solid Wood, Timber, Glass and Steel Doors, Mirror Polished Chrome

Shower Door Handles

Some homeowners with sliding glass shower doors opt for towel bars as handles. The problem with using towel bars as handles is that anyone can use it for bracing or support, and because it is not meant for that purpose, accidents can occur.


Also, towels and other clothing (especially undergarments) can start piling up on towel bars and ruin the beauty of your bathroom.

To avoid these unwanted situations, you can opt for a back-to-back shower doorknob (not the standard or regular knobs). 

A perfect example is the CRL Cylinder Style shower doorknob. The rating for this product is 5 out of 5! Every single customer who purchased this product was delighted with it.

The sleek, cylindrical shower doorknob comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including antique brass, brushed nickel, satin chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and others.

CRL Cylinder Style Antique Brass Finish Back-to-Back Shower Door Knob

Shower Door Handles

Wrapping Up

Other excellent shower door handles you can choose from include:

The list is quite lengthy!

As inconsequential as shower door handles may seem, they can alter the appearance of your entire bathroom, which is why it can be overwhelming to pick just one option out of all the hundreds of shower door handles available.

 It is for this reason that we made a few suggestions at the beginning of this page. If you keep those in mind, it will help you make the right choice out of the seeming confusing alternatives.

However, in case you need help with making your choice, you can always speak with a professional for advice and installation. They can help you bring together the design you wish for in your bathroom. 

Share the dream you have for your private enclosure with an expert and watch them bring it to live!

Getting the right type of shower door handle is a crucial part of bathroom remodeling. Many people don’t realize how many times they use their shower door handles until they install something subpar.

 Each time they walk through their bathroom door, they are reminded of their poor decision, wasted efforts, and how much money they’ve lost. You can avoid such mistakes by following the suggestions here.

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