The Best Corner Shower Doors – Our Recommendations

Enclosed corner shower doors are ideal for any bathroom. They can take up as much or as little room as you want with virtually any style of shower you choose. The first feature anyone will notice when they see the enclosed corner shower will be the corner shower door. The shower door will immediately set the stage for the type of bathroom you are displaying.

When choosing the best corner shower door for your enclosed corner bathroom, consider these very important features before making your decision. You can also view our Guide to Shower Door Installation

Our Recommendations for the Best Corner Shower Doors

VIGO Frameless Corner Shower Door w/ Stainless Steel

When choosing a frameless shower door, oftentimes, you are faced with a design that does not contain water within the shower the way a framed shower would. This is not the case with this VIGO corner shower door, which is what puts it at the top of our list of recommendations.

VIGO has created what they call “seal-thru” technology. This means that seal strips are attached to the fixed panels of the shower and create a waterproof shower system.

The glass is tempered and ⅜” thick, making it a safe option due to being tempered as well as sturdy.

The stainless steel hardware is 304-grade stainless steel, which means it is guaranteed not to rust, unlike other materials. Keeping the shower door rust-free will ensure that it does not wear out quickly.

Lastly, VIGO offers a limited lifetime warranty on this shower door and enclosure.

Users have rated this corner shower door and enclosure at 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is why we have put it at the top of our list.

DreamLine Elegance Pivot Corner Shower

DreamLine is one of the leading brands of corner showers on the market today.

This corner shower door and enclosure comes with an aluminum frame with an additional 1” of adjustments to be made to ensure that the shower door is installed and plumbed correctly. The aluminum frame will help ensure the shower and shower door is waterproof and keeps the water within the shower from leaking outside.

The glass door is ⅜” thick and tempered, which reduces the risk of shattering. Because the door is tempered glass, it will break into millions of tiny pieces with little to no sharp edges, making it a safe option for in-home use.

The finish of this DreamLine corner shower door is brushed nickel; one of the most commonly found finishes in homes today.

The door can be installed with the handle on the right or the left. Simply flip the door over to allow the door to open to the side you desire.

Users have given this DreamLine corner shower door a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

SUNNY SHOWER Round Corner Frameless Shower Door

If a curved corner shower is what you are looking for, look no further than this affordable and luxurious round corner shower door and enclosure by SUNNY SHOWER.

We have added this curved shower enclosure and door to our recommendations because of its affordability, luxury, and functionality.

Out of all corner shower doors we have included, this one is the most affordable at less than $500.

The curved feature of the frameless shower door gives any bathroom the look of luxury. Guests will disbelieve that the shower door and enclosure cost less than $500.

In addition to affordability and luxury is functionality. While some corner showers lack functionality when meeting both the affordability and luxury criteria, this SUNNY SHOWER lacks none. The corner shower door and enclosure are enforced with rust-free stainless steel. Because the shower enclosure is framed and provides security and stability for the glass door, the glass is only ¼” thick.

In addition, the glass is also tempered, which means that it is resistant to temperature and tension, keeping it less likely to break under temperature and tension changes. If broken, the tempered glass will shatter into millions of tiny pieces that will likely not be sharp, making it the safest option for glass for home use.

Users have given this curved corner shower 4.7 stars out of 5.

Aston Neoscape Frameless Neo-Angle Corner Shower with Glass Shelves

The design of this corner shower is the first reason we have put it on our list of recommendations. The neo-angle means the shower makes a diamond as there will be two solid walls of the shower with three glass panes making up the total enclosure. Of the three glass panes, the middle pane will likely be the opening of the shower and wider than the other two panes.

In addition to the design of the neo-angle corner shower, there are also additional features to this corner shower that are not included with our other recommendations on our list. One of the major features that are included with this corner shower is the two-tier glass shelving that you can add in the corner of your shower. This is a nice feature that Aston has considered to include with this corner shower.

With corner showers, there may not be many areas of storage. Aston understood this downfall and immediately rectified the issue by including a two-tier corner glass shelving for users to utilize.

The hardware included with this shower door and enclosure is stainless steel. This ensures that the hardware will be rust-free to help keep the shower door preserved.

The glass of this corner shower door is ⅜” thick and tempered, making it the safest option possible when it comes to shower doors.

The door is reversible, which means you can install the door to open to the right or the left, depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Even though the corner shower is frameless, Aston has designed this corner shower with clear seals so that leakage is prevented.

Users have given this corner shower door and enclosure 4 out of 5 stars.

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