The 4 Best Over the Door Shower Caddy

Whether you have a small bathroom, or you want to organize your toilet essentials for ease of access, having an over the door shower caddy can make your time in the shower more convenient and enjoyable.

To help you quickly choose the best over the door shower caddy for your bathroom, we scouted and reviewed several products and found some of the best shower caddies that can serve you well and last for years.

mDesign Extra Wide Metal Wire Bathroom Tub Shower Caddy

Over the Door Shower Caddy

This over the shower caddy is made from durable steel wire with a rust-resistant finish. There’s absolutely no need for drilling holes to install this caddy. All you need to do is hang it over your shower neck. It is designed to fit into most showerheads, and it has plastic suction cups that stick to your shower walls to prevent swinging.

The shower caddy comes with a two-tier metal wire organizer for storing products of different heights, sizes, and shapes. It also has eight built-in hooks (two large and six small) for loofahs, razors, washcloths, pumice stones, brushes, and more. Drainage is easy due to the open grid design.

The suction cups work well on smooth walls. If you have a porous bathroom wall or rough tiles, you may want to consider the other products on our list as the suction cups on this shower caddy may not work well on uneven surfaces or tiles. Click here to check its current price.

simplehuman Over-Door Shower Caddy

Over the Door Shower Caddy

With a 5-year warranty, this shower caddy is among the best you can find anywhere! The simplehuman over-door shower caddy is made with corrosion-resistant, highly durable stainless steel engineered to withstand the bathroom’s wet environment. It comes with two large-capacity adjustable shelves that can hold taller and larger bottles and items.

It hangs easily from shower doors with an adjustable hanger that grips the shower neck securely and also has two suction cups below to hold the caddy in place. The shelves have specially cut holes to store bottles upside-down for effortless dispensing.

The soap dish is designed to drain the water completely from your soap and toiletries, and the movable shelves can keep smaller toiler essentials from falling off. Click here to see the current price. If you need more storage space, you can check out the bigger version with larger shelves (plus one extra shelf).

mDesign Metal Wire Bathroom Tub & Shower Caddy

Over the Door Shower Caddy

Here’s another excellent choice when shopping for a shower caddy. The rust-resistant product is made from strong steel wire with a rubberized hook for hanging and a strong suction cup to keep the caddy from swinging. Unlike many other shower caddies, this one has an open center section to keep it from blocking any shower fixtures.

This over the door shower caddy is designed to have a variety of storage, including two razor hooks, two soap holders, and six angled shelves. There’s hardly any mildew buildup with this caddy, thanks to its open design that allows easy and quick drainage. Click here for the current price.

iDesign York Lyra Hanging Shower Organizer

Over the Door Shower Caddy

This over the door shower caddy by iDesign York Lyra is made with rust-resistant, durable steel with a bronze finish. This is an excellent choice if you want something simple that doesn’t cost much and great quality. It hangs easily over the showerhead with suction cups to keep it from swinging. It comes with a deep storage basket, wide shelve, and six hanging hooks for storing your bathroom essentials. Click here to see the current price.

Do You Need a Shower Caddy?

You need a shower caddy if you have a lot of personal care products and have no space for them in your shower. Shower caddies are designed to have hooks, baskets, or shelves to provide you with additional storage space for your bathroom items.

Having a shower caddy in your bathroom makes it easy to reach your personal care products while washing up. And if you share your shower with a partner, a shower caddy will help you to organize each person’s hygiene products separately. Also, you can keep similar items on one shelf to keep your shower organized.

Features to Consider

Over the door shower caddies are not just some piece of décor that hangs wimpishly on your shower unit or your bathroom wall. It should provide enough space to hold the various items you need in the shower. Here are some important things to consider when shopping for these bathroom essentials.

  1. Storage: It is crucial to consider how many personal care items you have in your shower to determine which over the door shower caddy to buy. If you use quite a number of toiletries, you will need a shower caddy with ample storage space in the form of a metal wire basket or shelve. The size of your product also matters. Make sure that your tallest bottle can easily fit into the storage on the caddy.
  2. Materials: Regardless of how spacious the shower caddy is, if it is made from inferior materials, you’ll soon be shopping for another caddy. The two popular choices of material are plastic and stainless steel. On the one hand, choosing a shower caddy made from plastic completely removes any concern about rust. However, these types of caddies can quickly develop mold, soap scum buildup, and mildew growth. On the other hand, high-quality stainless still, which happens to be the most preferred option, is durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean.
  3.  Accessories: By design, an over the door shower caddy should have some form of a hook to hang from your shower unit or top of the door. But additional features such as soap dishes, razor holders, sponge or brush hooks, and extra shelves or baskets, can be quite helpful.
  4. Price: Lastly, you have to consider how much you want to spend on a shower caddy. The price range for shower caddies is anywhere between $10 and $50 or more.

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