The Pros and Cons of an Exposed Shower System

Are you looking to refurbish the look and feel of your bathroom without doing extensive renovation work? Or maybe you are in search of an ergonomic, modern shower system to create the bathroom of your dreams?

Whether yours is a shower or a bathtub, you can quickly and affordably transform your bathroom with an exposed shower system.  Exposed shower systems are a recent interior design trend that is transforming bathrooms. There is a wide range of modern, high tech exposed shower systems to choose from for your bathroom.

What is an Exposed Shower System?

An exposed shower system has wiring, valves, and main fittings installed on top of the tiles/wall. The most straightforward exposed shower set consists of a showerhead, pipping to the showerhead, and a shower knob. However, it can have a handheld showerhead instead of the overhead showerhead or both.

Exposed shower systems utilize a mixing mechanism to regulate the temperature of the water. While some exposed shower systems have a mixer, others have a two-lever mixer, while others have a thermostat mixer.

An exposed single lever shower mixer allows you to set your desired water temperature with a simple lever adjustment.

On the other hand, an exposed two handle mixer has two taps/levers. One tap regulates the flow of hot water while the other tap/lever regulates cold water flow. You adjust each tap’s flow to ensure the water leaving the spout is at your desired temperature.

While an exposed thermostat mixer has a technically sophisticated design that works to regulate the water temperature. One of the top benefits of a thermostat mixer is that you don’t have to worry about sudden fluctuation of the water temperature, or having to reset the water temperature at every shower.

Pros of Exposed Shower Systems

Easy to Install

The top benefit of exposed shower systems is how easy they are to install. Since the shower system is installed on top of the wall, the installation process is less complicated hence cheaper and quicker.


Cheaper to Install

Generally, the cost of installing an exposed shower system is significantly lower compared to the cost of installing a concealed shower set.


Ease of Applicability

Exposed shower systems can be installed on a wide range of walls, including bricks and tiles. The wall’s depth does matter, unlike in the case of concealed shower sets whereby the wall needs to be deep to allow for wiring and pipping.


Easy to Fix

If an exposed shower set has an electrical or a plumbing issue, it is easier and cheaper to fix as the entire wiring and piping are exposed above the wall. Besides, exposed shower system faults are less destructive. For instance, if there is a leak, it will pour into the tub or floor instead of sipping through the walls.



Limited Design Options

If not well thought through, the exposed piping and fittings may not fit well with the existing bathroom style/feel.


May Compromise on Neatness

The exposed shower pipes may look clumsy if not correctly installed or if the pipes are too many.


May Take Up Too Much Space

Exposed shower systems may not be ideal for small bathrooms as the pipping may take up too much space.

When Are Exposed Shower Systems Most Ideal?

Exposed shower systems are a good fit if:


  • You are looking for a quick and affordable way to upgrade your bathroom without ripping off your walls.


  • Your current concealed shower system has been having consistent plumbing issues that result in your walls being constantly ripped off, and you want to replace it.


  • You are looking for an easy to install yet beautiful shower systems to create a bathroom of your dreams.


All you have to do is find an exposed shower system that fits the feel you aspire for and your budget. Then, contract the services of a professional and reputable plumber to have it installed.

Tips for Styling Your Bathroom with an Exposed Shower System

Exposed shower systems work well as accentuating elements for various bathroom interior designs. You can go for diverse looks ranging from traditional, modern, contemporary, and minimalist, among others. Here are some styling tips:

  • Bring out a traditional feel with a brass exposed shower set
  • Install silver-colored shower sets on white or grey tiles for a clean contemporary style
  • If you are into parallelism, install an exposed shower system with paired pipes
  • Copper exposed shower sets bring out an elaborate industrial feel
  • A simplistic shower set is ideal for a minimalistic look

Tips for Buying an Exposed Shower System

  1. Consider the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, you will need a short and simplistic exposed shower system. While with a big bathroom, you can go all out with features such as big shower heads, paired pipes, long showerhead pipes, and additional shower system fixtures.
  2. Decide on the type of mixer you most prefer and buy a shower system that incorporates it.
  3. Ensure that the shower set is compatible with your water pressure and flow.
  4. Consider the design of your bathroom and choose a shower system that fits well with it.
  5. Check reviews and ratings for the exposed shower systems in your consideration to ensure that they are of good quality.
  6. Choose an exposed shower system that is within your budget.

Exposed shower systems are not only easy to install and repair, but they also fit well with a wide range of bathroom designs. Whether you are looking for a simple, low budget exposed shower system, or a high-tech, luxurious one that fits well with your sophisticated bathroom interior design, there is a wide range of exposed shower systems to choose from in the market.

Make sure to think through your functionality and style needs to ensure you purchase a shower system that is compatible with your water flow and pressure, as well as the feel of your bathroom.

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