What Is A Shower Panel?


When the shower panel was first invented, it was used to hold the “shower-head” and hide the pipes. However, there was only one pit for the device and it was nothing elegant.  Shower panels have come a long way since then and have evolved to offer several choices that make the shower more enjoyable.

Most shower panels are a mixture of body jets, handheld units, and rainfall effects while a few panels have the “LED” light inside, Bluetooth and much more. Not to mention, the choices are limitless, and it will all be seen in a few of today’s top shower panels.

Why You Should Have A Shower Panel In The Home

Well, with the busyness of everyday life, most people jump in the shower for a fast rinse and forget that it is an excellent way to chill out, ease stress and relax from the hectic day. ​Shower panels offer the best spa experience.

The variety of choices you can pick from, allows you to find the best shower setting to get moving early in the morning or soothe the body before a good night’s rest.

Not to mention, the top systems have several areas for the water to emerge to ensure that you are able to enjoy a shower like no other. Most of them have the lights for setting the mood that is best for comfort. Some of these shower panels have clocks and radios so that you’ll never lose track of your time. Having the new systems, it is easy to turn your daily schedule into something which is a lot more entertaining.

Advantages of A Shower Panel

There are several benefits you can get from a shower panel system. Listed below are a few to keep in mind. Keep reading.

Saves Space

The shower panel will fit your bathroom no matter how big or small it is. How? The top of the shower panel is typically installed to the wall of the bath space and is sure to match the dimension of the bathroom.

Some shower panels are quite compact and can fit into small bathrooms. They’re made to save the most space possible. On the other hand, their width usually is 6-16” and standard height will be 43-65”. However, all the fixtures will take up significantly less space when placed on a single panel rather than individually.


First of all, shower panels are available in a number of different styles, materials, colors, and shapes. The great thing is, you are sure to discover the right match because you can effortlessly pick from brass, rubbed bronze, stainless steel and others. Your own color or style can work superbly.

​Easy Installation

The shower panels are easily installed, and you do not have to do restructuring or even add additional pipes. These devices include all of the plumbing required to control massage sprays and shower-heads. You simply need to affix the bracket to the wall, slip the panel, and then connect the cold and hot water hoses.


Shower panels can provide you an amazing “spa-like” experience. The majority of models include “water-massage” nozzles which can prove quite helpful for soothing both your mind and body. Regular “water-massage” improves the circulation of blood and, therefore, general well-being.


The modern shower panel systems are probably the trendiest bathroom fixture. They are available in a variety of smooth shapes and sophisticated design choices to fit any shower device. Installing a shower panel is an excellent way to restore and boost the looks of your bathroom.


The key benefit of this equipment is its excellent functionality. Rather than installing a range of individual fixtures, it is easy to buy a single device which combines them all.


Shower panel systems are built to offer you the ultimate shower experience. With the ideal unit, you can boost the looks of the bathroom too. Vital things to consider are safety, temperature control, and the settings when searching for a top shower panel system.

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