What Is the Best Shower Head Height for You? 3 Types and Recommended Heights

Having the right shower head height for you is important to ensure that you can get full water coverage and be comfortable while you shower. The best height for your needs will differ depending on how much space you have in your bathroom, what type of shower head you have, and, particularly, how tall you are.

If you’re taller, then having a shower head that’s too low will mean that you’ll need to contort yourself to fit underneath it. If you’re shorter, then having a shower head that’s too high will mean that you’ll need to stand further away from the shower controls in order to be covered by the water, which may make them inconvenient to reach easily.

When choosing your shower head height, consider everyone who’ll be using your shower – you’ll need to make it high enough to accommodate the tallest person.

Below we’ll cover the different types of shower heads and their recommended heights. We’ll also give you some suggestions as to what you can do to adjust your shower head to be a better height for you and your family.

Types of Shower Head and Their Recommended Heights

Wall-Mounted Shower Heads

The recommended standard height for a wall-mounted shower head is 80 inches. Whether this is the right shower head height for you, though, will depend on the average height of your household members. Figure this number out, leaving out any children (as they tend to change in size!). Once you have your average height, add an extra 3 inches as a buffer so that taller family members won’t hit their heads.

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads are designed to make you feel like you’re standing in the rain; certainly a relaxing experience. In order to properly mimic this feeling, with these shower heads, the water should be pouring directly onto the top of your head. The recommended height for a rain shower head is 84 inches from the shower floor. Because these shower heads are often mounted to the ceiling, they’re more likely to be high enough for all members of the family, so this could be a good option for you if you’re part of a family with varying heights.

Handheld Shower Heads

A handheld shower head is attached to the wall by a 3- to 6-foot hose. This means that it can be removed from the wall, making it a good option for smaller family members as the shower head can easily be brought closer to their head. The recommended height for a handheld shower head is 72 to 78 inches from the shower floor.

Ways to Adjust Your Shower Head Height

S Shower Arm

If you just need to raise the height of your shower head a little, then an S shower arm is a good option. Its S-shaped curve will enable you to raise your shower head by several inches. These are less flexible than other types of shower head extension, but if you don’t need height adjustability, then this could be a nice and simple option for you.

An example of an S shower arm is the Purelux High Arc Shower Arm. Not only will this add an extra 4.7 inches of height to your shower head, but it will also extend your shower head an extra 17 inches from the wall – giving you plenty of room to move around in the shower. It’s strong and sturdy, so ideal for even the largest and heaviest of rainfall shower heads.

Swivel Ball Adapter

Unlike an S shower arm, which only enables you to raise your shower head to a fixed height, a swivel ball adapter will allow you to lower the height of your shower head too. One of these will make it easy to adjust your shower head height to suit each member of your family.

A swivel ball adapter works by adding an extra range of motion to how your shower head can move, allowing it to move further up or down than your shower’s built-in pivot ball. This means that you can angle your shower spray to exactly what you need it to be. Check out the Estella 205-BN Shower Head Swivel Ball Adapter as an option.

Adjustable Shower Arm

An adjustable shower arm is one of the best ways to have your shower head height be customizable. The arm can be pivoted in two different places, making it nice and flexible in terms of how the height can be adjusted. It’s also easy to install, with no tools required.

The best all-round option for an adjustable shower arm is the Delta Faucet 10-inch Adjustable Extension Shower Arm. It allows you to increase the reach of your shower by up to 18 inches, making it ideal for even the tallest of showerers. Consisting of a brass base coated in chrome, it looks stylish too.

Shower Slide Bar

A shower slide bar is the most versatile of the ways of adjusting the height of your shower head – you simply need to move the holder mount along the track of the slide bar to change the height.

The HotelSpa AquaCare series Insta-mount Power Suction 24″ Stainless Steel Height/Angle Adjustable Shower Slide Bar is a budget-friendly option. In terms of installation, it’s simple – it comes with power suction locks for smooth surfaces and silicone adhesive brackets for textured surfaces. This also means that it can be easily repositioned or removed for cleaning.


The right shower head height for you depends on a few factors, particularly the height of the people using the shower. There are several different ways of adjusting the height of your shower head that you can try.

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